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Not even worth a real review 6

This book was crap.  How crappy was it?  So crappy it isn't even worth going into detail about how poorly Roy was characterized throughout the whole thing and how he's now a supervillain for no frigging reason at all.  Instead of giving this an actually review, I'm just going to write adjectives that describe it until I hit one hundred words.    The Rise of Arsenal is an attrocious, abominable, awful, bad, crummy, deplorable, depressing, disgusting, dreadful, evil, flawed, gross, horid, inferior...

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Appearances can be decieving 15

Here is a comprehensive list of relevant things that happen in this issue:1) Hawkman and Hawkgirl took four steps forward. 2) Hawk strongarms Deadman into trying to resurrect his brother.  There.  Now you don't have to waste three bucks on the issue.    Where was I?  Oh yes.  Appearances can be decieving.  Like how it APPEARS that Black Lantern Firestorm is in this issue.  He's not.  Firestorm isn't in this issue at all.  Ronnie and Jason have three pages but neither of them manage to get out of...

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Surprising 0

I hate Spider-Man villains.  You don't even want to get me started on how much I hate the idiots dressed up like animals motivated purely by robbing banks and getting revenge on Spider-Man for making fun of them and stopping them from robbing banks.  So why did I buy this comic?  Well because I saw scans of a Spider-Man story (probably WoSM 3) where Rhino of all people showed actual personality and badassery.  So I figured its free comic book day, I'm already trying out a bunch of new stuff why ...

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Worst Mini Ever 4

I wanted to write a review for this but really, Christopher Bird of MightyGodKing.com pretty much says everything I'd want to say.  I could break this issue (and series) down panel by panel and explain how it is nonsensical, tasteless and full of continuity errors. I could bemoan the loss of fun and interesting characters like IQ, Freedom Beast and Lian Harper. I could question the purpose of including the Congorilla and Starman in the series at all, the awful dialogue ("JUSTICE!"), the misleadi...

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Worst Story Ever 0

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If there is one reason I can recommend The Walking Dead (and believe me, there are dozens), it is because the last page of every single issue is amazing.  Every single last page makes you go "Wow" or "Daaaamn."  Every single last page is something that makes you need to pick up the next issue.  Its not always a cliffhanger.  Its not always a marvelous revelation that changes the way you look at humanity.  But it is always something that takes your breathe away. Issue 58 of The Walking Dead is no...

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Soft Targets 0

Joker is a scary, homicidal clown right?  But when's the last time he was really scary?  When the protagonist of your story is the Batman, a master of martial arts, acrobatics and detective skills armed with full body armor, uncanny stealth and dozens of his own inventions and when said protagonist is perhaps the most famous comic book character of all time...you don't fear for him.  Batman will come out on top.  Batman always comes out on top. Even your hostages aren't really anything to worry ...

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More &%$# Writing on Titans 5

Anybody else been waiting for Winnick to leave this book for what feels like forever?  I sure have.  Too bad none of these new writers know what they're doing except Yost.  First problem: Terra and Beast Boy were NEVER in love.  In comic book time, she was on the team for a month 3 or 4 years ago.  Second problem: If Beast Boy actually was in love with her, he sure wouldn't be now.  Anybody else give two jerks about a girl they dated a month 4 years ago?  Anybody?  No.  Third problem: Terra didn...

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Slow Start 0

Red Tornado 1.  This is one of those issues I really really was looking forward to and at the same time really really didn't want to read.   Have you ever had a character you love that nobody does right?  Maybe its Hawk who was great under Barbara Kesel but everyone else just writes him like a dick.  Or maybe its Jason Todd who is a strong character and a true hero when written by Starlin or Wolfman but he's either a brat or completely nuts under any other writer. For me?  That character is the ...

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The Death of the Worst Flash or Marc Guggenheim I Hate You 5

Out of character.Those are the words that best describe Guggenheim's attempt, and I do stress the word attempt, to write an epic story.The Rogues are not your normal "take over the world" type villains.  They aren't even your psychopathic murdering villains.  They're bank robbers.  They're thieves.  They're crooks.  Not murderers.  The reason they are so successful is because they play by a different set of rules.  Captain Cold has been able to kill the Flash a dozen times.  But he didn't.  Why?...

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The Begining of a Saga 0

The story starts right in the middle of the action with a nice spread of A-Next battling Loki's army.  It's kinda cool to see Wolverine's plucky sidekick ordering around a team of heroes.  There's a quick flashback introducing us to our first main character, Kevin Masterson.  He doesn't seem like anything special at first.  Just the son of a superhero.  But that's where the questions that fuel the entire series start.  Eric Masterson is dead.  The Avengers have been disassembled.  Thor hasn't be...

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