New RPG Starting Soon! Everyone Please Read!

Hey everyone! I'll be starting a new RPG in the forums soon and I'm inviting everyone to join! The concept is strange and abstract but please give it a fair chance.

Pretty much this RPG will be about a collision between the Marvel and Phantasy Star universes. Now once again I know that sounds weird but once all the kinks are worked out of the story I believe this will be really fun for everyone. First of all you may use either your normal characters or new characters specifically for this RPG I don't care. Second the story is almost done but I am still working out a few kinks. Third as for what characters and other things that will be appearing in this I'm leaving it fairly open on that front. Pretty much you'll see everything from Delsabers and Rappies to Sentinels and Apocalypse himself. Finally if you have any questions about this RPG please pm my friend Damnation Lee who is working on this with me and she'll either answer your question herself or send it to me and I'll send you an answer. So I'm done talking now so please come one and all and let's have some good fun with this.

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Cause my character as well as my friend's character Damnation Lee are about to enter a new saga with some new villians that people will love to hate! Plus Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is coming out in March so I'll be out kicking butt on that as soon as it comes out. Fun, fun, fun all ready for the new year.


Laharl and Overlord Zetta

Overlord Zetta for Vice President. He'd be a good strong Vice President with a stable god complex.

Overlord Laharl for President. He united three worlds surely he can be the President of the country.

Foriegn relations will be the best they've been in years since everyone will fear our country's power and it's leaders.


Here's a few.

I'm surprised noone has mentsioned some of these people yet so I'll say it instead.

First: Light Yagami. If this kid could just get his morals straight then he'd be an awesome detective.
Second: Balmunk the Mistic. Ok so you haven't heard of this guy unless you've read Zombie Powder but still. With his abilities (which in some cases seem almost random) he could be a great hero. Once again just get the morals straight.
Third: Kaname Tosen. He has strong morals and a kinda cool zanpakuto. I'm sometimes confused as to why he joined the rebellion against the Soul Society. He claims he seeks the path of least blood shed.