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uniquely creepy and lovable 1

I'm writing a short review of this since apparently no one else on ComicVine has noticed this book. The first issue was awesome! With Sweet Tooth wrapping up soon, this may be my next favorite independent horror / supernatural book. If you aren't familiar at all, the story is about a small town where suddenly the dead come back to life. But they aren't zombies or monsters, they go back to regular life and act... normal. Maybe. This, along with a few other creepy elements, make the story a great ...

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i love it. i want some more of it. 0

THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE TRADE PAPERBACK i heard about this just by looking through what joe kelly has written and also in max fiumara's art blog. it seemed like a really cool idea, and once i found out the trade was only $9.99 i picked it up.  this is a story about a ten year old boy living in new york in 1934, during the great depression. his father dies a mysterious death and leaves the boy to defend his mother and make ends meet in the household. and oh yeah, dragons exist and fighting them is...

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it all comes down to this 3

i know g-man has been looking forward to this story for sometime, but hes really busy with SDCC i'm sure. so i figured id do a review myself :)  first off, as a long time spider-man fan, i feel this issue is a pretty big deal. mary jane has always been one of my favorite characters and i was one of the many upset fans after OMD, although i kept reading. everyone has their own opinions about that, so i won't go into it, but let's just say i'm pretty excited, and more over just curious, to see exa...

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i liked it, but i dont know if i was "astonished" 3

let me start by saying i love both jason aaron's writing and adam kuberts art. im also a huge spider-man fan and a pretty big wolverine fan. i'm actually not that big of a fan of "team-up" books, and this one seemed a little cheesy, but i figured they were my favorite characters being written by a writer i like and drawn by an artist i love so i might as well pick it up, right?  right. so i did. and it was... interesting. the art was great overall, i really love adam kubert and i feel like his s...

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great art, mediocre story 0

so my local comic store was having a sale on tpbs because they needed to make some room and i saw this book for 1/2 off. the cover immediately caught my eye and im always down for a good indie book. then i was informed that the writer was also the creator of the famous (and absolutely ridiculous) 90s video game character, earth worm jim. i know earth worm jim is really ridiculous and has some really immature humor, but after flipping through this book i decided to get it. after all, sometimes ri...

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x-men noir. great, confusing fun. 0

i just finished the x-men noir paperback, so this review is for the whole mini series.  first off, let me just say that i love these noir stories, or at least this one and the spider-man one. spider-man noir was amazing.  and this xmen noir, to me, was definitely worth the buy. the art is really tight and the story is fun. and its really neat to see all your favorite xmen characters in totally new circumstance and description.  first off, i liked the art. it was extremely fitting to the style th...

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#8 Kill Spider-Man 1

wow. i really, really enjoyed this issue. let's face it, amazing spider-man hasn't been it's best since #600. granted, it's still worth reading (except for the black cat story, BOO!) and i pick it up every time it comes out, but it hasnt' been as good as it has been in past issues (like new ways to die, i loved that arc).  this issue though? amazing. i loved it.  first off, andy kubery is incredible. he has got the perfect style for mainstream superhero comics. its realistic and detailed enough ...

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this book is sweet! 0

i really like this book. if your looking for something not so super-heroey but still a good story that wont have you bored, this is it. let me just say, so far its only been two issues but i think its awesome and im really looking foward to the rest of the series.  this book is about a post apocolyptic world with half-animal kids and a bunch of other weird stuff. yea, theres a lot of bizzare stuff in it. its definitely a book that keeps you reading because you have no idea whats going on. you ke...

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real good, not worth the hype though 0

THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE WHOLE MOUSE GUARD WINTER 1152 SERIES  okay, mouse guard. from what i've heard in reviews, this book is supposed to be AWESOME. i just read the hardcover. so was it awesome? it was good. i dont know if it was worth the hype.  first off, let me say that this book is extremely impressive considering one guy put together the whole thing. the art is definitely really good, and the story is worthwhile. well done david petersen, most people cant do anything like this. the story s...

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it's fun 0

this series is my guilty pleasure. its got venom, its funny, its a little wrong, and its got great art. its more humorous than i was expecting, but thats ok because it works well in the story.  i LOVE the art. i have a feeling not everyone who reads this will love the art but i think its awesome. its different from what you see in most marvel books and its just good. its a mix of toony, indy, and artsy style and i think it works great. there is some panels, though, that are a little hard to foll...

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this is exactly what i want in a wolverine story 0

so this new weapon x series has been pretty neat so far. although nothing i would be exstatic about. honestly, i think wolverine has enough books and appearances for anyone (or any two or three) characters in the marvel universe right now. its a bit annoying.  BUT, this issue was awesome. ok it is a wolverine story, so the actual plotline isnt amazing but its what you want. and what do you want in a wolverine story? you want a story good enough to put wolverine and some body worth fighting wolve...

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this is not peter parker... 2

i'm a huge spider-man fan, i really am. he's definitely my favorite, and ASM has always been my favorite book. but this issue was a little bit of a let down. or maybe not just a little bit. i'm really excited that mary jane is coming back because i love her and i want to see her and pete get back together, but the depiction of her character art-wise was horrible. i mean really look at this:   is that super model face to you? no. its a female pro...

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another alternate reality 0

so this is supposed to be chris claremont's take on the x-men series started in 91 with him and jim lee. he left after the 3rd issue and now he picks up again for an alternate telling of what things could be like. thats my favorite x-men series, so i wanted to pick this up to see some more stories featuring my favorite x-team back how they were in first thoughts reading this was that it seemed a little random. we already have a couple x-titles coming out consistently as well as all the wol...

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like father like son... again? 0

this is the first issue in the american son arc, which has been pumped up by marvel for a while now. i've been a spidey fan for a long time now and i'm excited about this story line even though i'm not in love with the whole dark reign saga. this issue doesn't reveal too much and is definitely a intro issue, but it's pretty awesome. i like the art and the style, all except petes jimmyeatworld-esque hair cut haha. basically, the out of costume stuff is just ok, but everything else is cool. the st...

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