will peter parker ever accept death as a reality?

i was reading astonishing spider-man & wolverine #3 (and yes, therell be a few spoilers here), when i thought about something. heres the spoiler, btw. when wolverine dies, he freaks out and does everything he can to get him to come back to life. with the cosmic cube, he literally could have wished for anything in the world, anything he wanted. and yet he wishes wolverine back because he feels so bad for.... for what? for wolverine hitting him, stealing the pheonix gun, shooting doom and killing himself. huh. odd train of thought. now dont get me wrong, i think jason aaron is writing spider-man completely right. thats how peter acts all the time. but im starting to feel like peters getting a little ridiculous. 
for someone who totally believes in things like, "fate has given me power so i have to use it responisbly," he never seems to accept death as fate. we see this example with uncle ben, gwen stacy, and even aunt may. who by the way has been like 65 years old since 1963. seriously pete, she was probably like 100 when she got shot, give it up. why doesnt he ever accept death as a normal part of life? he always freaks out and does everything he can to "fix it," even through supernatural means. and even when it puts a lot at risk.
and let me make it clear that spider-man is my favorite. ive been loving the recent ASM, and i think the stories are great. and im not hating on the writers, because they write peter correctly. but as for his actual character, will he ever grow up and understand that death is a real part of life? i dont know. 
 what do you think?