the end of siege and dark reign: my thoughts

wow! just read siege #4 and honestly, i feel like i just finished watching a really, really long movie. overall, i liked it but there are somethings that... well i dont know. wasnt what i wanted it to be. 
first off, olivier coipel? hes amazing. holy cow. the art in siege was so perfect and nice. his expressions are so on point its crazy. especially thor. captured everything perfectly. so well done, oliver. keep it up.
my big question from siege: WHY ISN'T NORMAN OSBORN DEAD? i mean seriously! if theres ever a villian in the marvel universe that needs to be killed off (and actually KILLED for good) it's norman osborn. i thought siege was going to have a really epic spiderman/greengoblin throwdown in it, but we didnt get it. we actually didnt get much of spiderman at all, which seemed a little off considering norman is the main baddie here. long story short, norman should have died. for real. 
speaking of dying, thor threw sentry into the sun. jeez. all i gotta say is, sentry better not come back. c'mon, thrown into the sun? theres no coming back from that. please, marvel, don't make up some stupid garbage for why he can return and make a comeback. just leave it be, he had a good run. 
lastly, all the new avengers titles coming out. well, i personally dont like it when similar teams have a bunch of books (*cough* x-men *cough*). it makes it a little annoying because i dont want to buy all of them, usually the good stories are only in one or two books, and yet sometimes you get lost if you're not reading all of them. i was hoping they would just put out AVENGERS and that would be it. one avengers book like way back when. guess not. guess marvel actually is a company, which means business, which means finding ways to make money. eh. 
overall, this whole darkreign/darkavengers/siege/darkxmen/darkanythingelse (i was kinda hoping for dark squirrel girl) stuff was pretty good. it was cool to see the superheros be on the other side of the law, i especially enjoyed the spiderman stories like American Son. siege was a little fast paced, and maybe it should have been a longer series but it was cool. on a lot of levels, i cant wait to see what happens next.