Should new ASM issues have classic themes or new drastic changes?

[this is a letter i sent in to the ASM office through email:] 
Okay, so I have two things I'd like to say.
One, I write you guys somewhat frequently. I'd say every 3 or 4 issues since I started buying ASM consistently. And I never, EVER get printed! Seriously, I'm kinda bummed. Everytime I pick up a new issue, I get my Spidey fix by reading it start to finish and then I check the letter page to read it and see if maybe, MAYBE I got printed. I feel like I'm playing the lottery. And everytime it's like, "Okay maybe this time aaannndddd.... no." Ug. But I digress. I guess it'll be humorous if this is the letter that, in fact, gets printed. But I'll just have to wait and see.

Second, I'm sick of some of these letters being sent to you guys. On one hand you have people complaining because OMD was too "out of character" for Peter. And it took away from the book because it's not something they could actually see him doing, it ruined everything, blah blah blah. And don't get me started on all the other letters about Peter's recent love life and drinking thing back in 601. Then on the other hand, you have people mad because they say the book is repetative and overuses the same themes over and over again. Jeez! Sometimes it seems like you WebHeads don't ever catch a break! But here's my opinion (if you want it, i guess if you don't you can stop reading here!). For me, I feel like I understand. You can't keep telling the exact same stories over and over again. I mean, we've got over 600 issues (almost 50 years worth!) of Spidey stories in ASM alone, not to mention all the other titles that have had Spider-Man's name on them. So even if it seems a little off or makes you freak out at first site, I say overall it's okay to mix things up with stuff like unmasking Spidey in Civil War and OMD. I understand. Let's have something different, you know? And this comes from a reader who's not a fan of OMD.

Then, opposite of that, I am reading ASM. I expect ASM stories. I DO want to see him low on money, struggling between his friends and foes, and cracking stupid jokes all the time. I wouldn't buy it if I wasn't expecting classic Spider-Man stories! These type of themes and plot devices are what create Spider-Man, and create everything that we think of when we think Spider-Man. You can't disown that. So I guess there's a balance. Mix it up enough to make it interesting, even if it heats some readers up, but keep it classic at times, too. Sure, it may seem familiar, but I love Spider-Man and I want some classic mixed in there.

So don't let the bad letters bog you down. No, I don't absolutely love every single issue of ASM. But I understand you guys are working hard to make the best stories you can and I appreciate that. Plus, I buy 'em so I can get my Spidey fix, too ;)

Make mine Marvel.

Jared Throne, Richmond VA
http://aboutjared.wordpress. (<-- plug my site? I'm an aspiring comic book writer myself!)