brighter doesnt mean perfect

i dont know. i really enjoyed dark reign because i thought it was such an interesting concept, although i feel it was strechted a little too long. but it definitely opened a ton of doors for awesome stories. 
going for a "brighter" tone sounds like the natural thing to do next. the first thing i think, though, is how are we gonna have fun stories to read if everything goes great all the time? its not that interesting  if spidey catches the bad guy right away all the time and gets the girl everytime. i mean, that doesnt sound like a fun read. 
but obviously marvel and dc both have more in store for us. just because its a brighter time doesnt mean its going to be perfect all the time. maybe there will be more struggles between the heroes themselves instead of classic good guy vs bad guy. or maybe some bad guys will failingly try to become good. who knows. 
either way, it seems like the natural direction to go, and im sure marvel and dc have some great stories planned out (and prob a few bad ones too...). i dont think superman and spidey are going to be "farting rainbows" the whole time.

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