Spider-man's funniest jokes

we all know spider-man makes jokes to his villain and whatnot but which was the funniest ones he ever had and if you can find can you please scan them, please? (any version of spider-man will do)


Daken's third claw

I was just wondering does daken still has his third claw, I know he lost when wolverine took them out because they were infused with the muramasa blade and I know he has a healing factor. I'm just wondering that's all. Is he better off without it


Daken: To read or not to read?

I wanna Know If I should read Daken series, I do like him but I'm not sure I got wolverine: weapon x, Laura in her miniseries, x-force. I'm definitely getting the new wolverine and X-23 series just wondering if i should get his series that's all. Tell me what you think.


creepy pregnancy cover art

Is it just me or is creepy pregnancy art becoming a thing now ,here are a few if you don't believe me.

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menace pregnant with Norman's child. Here we have creepy smile with ugly skin color (color is good by the way not blaming the creators)
rubbing her belly very happily.
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Another is from guardians of the galaxy where moondragon had to put a monster inside of her to keep it from killing people inside of knowhere. I understand that it was a heroic thing but why do we have the creepy smile. and it makes it more creepy is the bumps and the glowing the belly.
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this one is less creepy that's all i have to say. I love wolfsbane kind of sucks what happened to her during x-force and returning to x-factor. And this my opinion she shouldn't be with rictor. I don't think this one count as creepy.
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one word: mpreg the creepiest by far
I have a feeling their are going to be more of this soon  who do you think will be next?

Hood's Monstrous Transfromation

I have been liking the hood but I was wondering which one of his transformations did you like the one in his marvel max mini-series, the one he had in the new avengers annual, the chris bachalo one where he had a big set of teeth, or the when he turned into dormammu. (sorry I don't have pictures)


What will be the last dimension?

I was thinking about this for a awhile we have the amazing universe, the noir universe, and the 2099 universe. It makes you wonder what would be the last dimension for the the spider-man shattered dimension game?

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