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Hawkeye's Birds of a Feather

Similar to Spider-Man Family, not necessarily a team of characters, but just a group of characters that have relationships or that are similar to one another.

I want to write a fic where Hawkeye is kinda going solo for a little bit, not a member of any formal team but it's him still holding relationships with characters.

The occasional team up with Captain America or any hero that he has chemistry with.

The standing partnership with Kate Bishop

Him hanging out with other heroes outside of their alter egos, maybe him going to bike night with Logan.

"Not having a relationship" with Mockingbird

His dog Arrow

And his son from an alternate dimension getting stuck in mine and Clint having to take on all new responsibilities as a father

List items

  • More of a Clint Barton role in my story than a Hawkeye one.

    Less grand-standing adventures and more character development stories, involving his relationships with those around him and exploring the idea of him having a personal life outside of super heroics.

  • When Francis comes into this reality it is a major game-changer in the relationship of Clint and Bobbi.

    Before he came into the picture they were trying their best to go their separate ways, but now that they see the son that they never had but always wanted they feel closer to eachother.

    They are trying their relationship again, but secretly as to not get Francis' hopes up, and they are trying to keep the super heroics out of it.

  • Francis is in a whole new world where he isn't constantly in danger. He can try having a "normal" life with his father rather than always being hunted by Ultron.

    He would still find himself in situations where he'd have to resort to super heroics, for sure but it's an all new world and everything is different here.

    He gets to meet his mother Mockingbird, develops feelings for Kate and grows a loving bond with his dog Arrow.

  • Acting as a protege to Clint, and in return helping introduce Francis to the ways of life of a non-dystopic reality.

    The two might even begin to develop feelings for one another.

  • Arrow is Clint Barton's trusty canine and he's very protective and loyal to him and his friends and family.

    When Francis originally arrives in this reality, he feels very alone and forms a strong bond with the dog; in return Arrow is most protective of Francis, much to the appreciation of Clint.

  • Clint and Edwin Jarvis keep in regular contact with one another, Jarvis being something of a father figure to Clint.

    Before Francis and Kate really started hanging out, he spent a good bit of his down time at Avengers Mansion with Arrow and Jarvis provided a helpful confidante.

    When Francis realizes he is developing feelings for Kate, Jarvis is the first person he tells and Jarvis encourages him to pursue his feelings and when they go on their first date Jarvis prepares the dinner for them.

  • Steve Rogers is very supportive of the idea of Clint taking a break from super heroics to slow down and have a family life.

    He and Clint still have a strong bond and they know they can rely on one another in a pinch.

  • Logan and Clint pal around together, going to bike night and drinking brewskis together.

    Logan made a pact one night with Clint while he was drunk that if anything were to happen to him, he would avenge his friend and help to train Francis to carry on his mantle.