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Could Tony Stark meet his "end" in AvX?

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I think Tony Stark will die at the end of Avengers vs. X-Men.

The cover for #12 seems to show him leading the charge against the Phoenix Force, and as conversation between he and the Panther shows he is not only willing to, but is almost hoping to, die to stop the Phoenix.

I see the new armor Iron Man is supposed to be sporting in Marvel NOW! and I couldn't help but notice the color.

Does anyone else remember a certain armored avenger of the MC2 Universe that went by Mainframe?

Could Tony Stark die at the end of AvX and be replaced by an armor that he programmed with his brain patterns?


Great Lakes Avengers Vs. Great Lakes X-Men?

I know it probably won't even be bothered with/ mentioned but where will the Great Lakes Avengers stand?

They call themselves Avengers but they're all mutants. I mean, I know they said there would be no new series tying into AvX but I feel like this would be an interesting thing to read and the characters could be taken seriously, for like 20 seconds.

I wonder if Squirrel Girl will feel conflicted at all in the New Avengers?

If they were to have a one-shot written it could have them, on side with the Avengers, battling against former member Deadpool

Or if they chose to side with the X-Men perhaps a conflict with former member Squirrel Girl

Honestly, in my opinion, there are several cool ways to play this angle, but I doubt they will.


(Also, as an aside, I'm pretty sure they've been deemed out of continuity but I could even imagine conflicts arising among the Pet Avengers with Lockheed)

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New Avengers Annual

A message to Brian Michael Bendis…

* Wonder-Man definitely reformed an incredibly long time ago, he was a member of at least 3 teams of Avengers. The only reason he is villainous now is because you wrote him this way.

* D-Man helped reform the Avengers alongside Captain America and is a hero, I know he's a little confused right now, but I don't believe he'd attack the Avengers.

* Anti-Venom put his villainous ways behind him to help heal the sick and drug addicted.

* Atlas was a member of the Thunderbolts, a team of reformed villains and he hasn’t done anything villainous since very pre-Civil War.

* Ethan Edwards is a devote Christian and helped Spider-Man battle Absorbing Man.

* Goliath is dead sir, I believe you mean for that to be Black Goliath, the prior’s nephew who originally held a grudge against Iron Man but reformed and joined Damage Control.9

* Devil-Slayer helped the Initiative take down the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion. I know the Hood did, too, but it seemed more genuinely heroic when Devil-Slayer helped.

* Captain Ultra reformed years and years ago, and had his own team in the Initiative before the Dark Reign.

* Century was on Force Works.

Please write stories for the characters, not the other way around.

If anyone disagrees with what I said, or if anyone knows of stories or facts that I missed out on please tell me. Or if you see any mistakes with what I said. Thanks to everyone who told me I was incorrect about Century

I don't want to have a rant about how he wrote the characters incorrectly and continue to believe that if I have my facts wrong.

What do you think about Bendis' Revengers?

Bendis' Revengers
Bendis' Revengers