The Top 5 Things DC Needs To Do With Creeper

I thought Id make a list of the top five things DC needs to do with Creeper to return him to how he was in his prime. I might make a video of this sometime soon, but I thought I'd get it in text, first.

5. Make Him Funny Again

As of late Creeper hasn't been so much of a jokester as he has been a... well.. a Johnny Cage, to reference Mortal Kombat, briefly. He's ego-maniacal, states the obvious, and is typically annoying in the most recent issues he's been in. This goes for both Creeper and Jack Ryder. Which isn't exactly a good thing. Creeper and Jack Ryder are supposed to represent mania and depression, so they should be more distinct.

4. Kiss and Make Up

Yes. We know creeper and Jack but heads on a lot of things, but by no means do they want to be apart from each other. It's not so much that I have a problem with that, though. It's much more that I have a problem with them doing this story arc over and over and over and over again. Every single time Creeper has a somewhat substantial involvement in something, they have to include him and Jack having a huge confrontation, then making up later. It's getting old, and I'd rather see them working together, if not bickering occasionally.

3. All We Are Saying is Give Creeps a Chance

Never once has Creeper had a big involvement in a large story arc. Heck, in 50 years or so he's only been in 242 comics as of date. If he got more attention, and was shown to more audiences, I'm sure he'd be a fan favorite in no time. Just look at his episode in Batman: The Animated Series. I defy you to find someone who didn't laugh at that episode, or at Batman getting a fist to the jaw while Creeper tried to chat up Harley Quinn.

2. Leave the Boa Alone

We don't need Creeper using his boa for a major attack. It's there because... well, he was made out of spare costume parts in his first origin. It doesn't really have a purpose. It's certainly not meant for whipping around and slamming through walls. I think it's just there to look pretty and make Creeper stand out. The farthest you could go is maybe what they did in the 90's Creeper comics, where the boa was actually a condensed cluster of pseudopods.

And the number one thing DC should do with Creeper is......

1. Fix That Backstory, People!

I swear, out of all the things they could have done to Creeper, why did they have to make him a demon? It makes no sense with how he got his powers. It's always been either drugs, stem-cells, or super serum that made Creeper what he is. How do you get a stem cell sample from the devil? I'm just curious. Seriously, this addition does nothing for Creeper but make his alignment, appearance, and attitude make NO sense. It's messing everything up about him, and destroying the rather interesting scientific implications his powers present. Why not make him and alien? Or even a mutant? Those would make more sense than the flat, empty 'Oh he comes from Hell' line you keep shovign down our throats. Every other sentence that spews out of Creeper's mouth is about him being a demon, rather than him just making fun of the word 'Taco' like we all know he'd rather be doing. So fix it, and fix it FAST.