The West Cape: Cape Tassiania

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"If you always greatly honor the kindness the kindly ones, you will surely be preeminent, keeping your land and city in the straight path of justice."


The Liafador Family emerged in the 1900’s, as a family built on business. The small family winery boomed in the Spanish town of Malaga; and soon the Liafador Wine called “Besos” flourished throughout the country of Spain.

After the resurgence of the Red Cardinals in the early 20 century; the Liafador Family became heavily involved with the then terrorist organization. Ramon Liafador and his wife headed the Family's involvement with the Cardinals before usurping all the other leaders to obtain sole power. Shortly after her journey through the Pit, Ziccarra transformed the Red Cardinal organization into a religion commonly called "The Cult of Cardinals". Under the Cardinals Ziccarra was able to attain the seat of power in Spain. Most recently, after the fall of Spain; and subsequentially The Liafador Family, Ziccarra's daughter Maya erased certain elements of the family from existence. Now the responsibility falls on the former High Cardinal Goddess, Sabella Liafador, to put the pieces of her family back together again.

Arbiter's Grounds.

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Arbiter's grounds seperates Kwazulu Alcazar and the new Liafador Holy-Land. Access to the land is only permitted by proceeding through a "Time Loop". The Time Loop was created by Sabella, and is guarded by the Mazoi, it is a place where a past date exists and repeats over and over, though inhabitants experience it differently. Only those who can see the loop can pass through it.

The Loop suspends the aging of their occupants, Should an inhabitant exit their loop into the present and remain there for two to three days, they will age forward however many years they have spent inside the loop, which, depending on how long that is, usually results in death. Only few cases exist where a person can pass through Arbiter's grounds and be completly immune to the effects of aging.

Temple of Shira

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Resting on the otherside of the Time Loop on top of Arbiter's Grounds is the Temple of Shira, a shrine dedicated to the War Goddess. The temple serves as a training ground for the Mazoi, and a processing center for those who are brought in from the outside world.

Children through adults are trained in the art of Archery, Swordsmanship, Unarmed and Shield Combat.

In order to survive in the Temple of Shira a student must pass a series of test that prepares them for the life of a warrior, or a citizen in the outside world which includes:

Wilderness Survival Test.

- Using the Sun to create Fire

- Crafting a rudimentary Fishing Rod

- Building a Primitive Camp Site

- Crafting Primitive Weapons

- Water Purification


-Team Tactics

- Week Long Stay in the Wilderness using the skills aquired through school.

Escape and Evasion Test

- Avoiding Detection

- Evading Capture

- Escaping once being Captured

They are also instructed on things such as morals and ethics. The Mazoi are taught to follow their internal ethics, for example they are not to kill another member of the Mazoi or citizen of the Cape, but have free will to do so one the outside of the Temple. They are taught not only to defend the weak (As most of them once were), but to also instruct them in the ways to get stronger.

The Temple of Shira hosts a competition between it's best students every day before the Time Loop resets.

Cape Tassiania

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On the other side of Arbiter's Grounds rest, Cape Tassiania, or Cape Tassi for short. Thanks to Sabella's intricate manipulation of dimensions, Cape Tassi sits on the back side of Arbiter's grounds locked between both mountain and ocean front.

In the heart of the city rest a coliseum, where inhabitants are able to display their battle prowess in a number of different courses.

The cape is composed of citizens that were rescued from human trafficking operations and brought here for sanctuary.

The town is protected by troops known as the Mazoi, highly militarized women that use archaic magical weapons to defend themselves and the homeland.

Because the town is composed of many people of many different natures, Cape Tassi comes with it's own unique langauge different than the common tongues of the outside world. They speak with a Afro-Asiatic dialect long extinct in the regular world.

The Mazoi

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Known in modern terms as the Medjay, By the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom period, the Medjay were an elite paramilitary police force. No longer did the term refer to an ethnic group and over time the new meaning became synonymous with the policing occupation in general. Being an elite police force, the Medjay were often used to protect valuable areas, especially areas of pharaonic interest like capital cities, royal cemeteries, and the borders of Egypt. The Mazoi, as they relate to the cape were originally victims of Sex Trade and Human Traffiking. Eventually Orphans and Domestic Violence victims from the outside world were also recruited. The Creation of the Mazoi was a way for Sabella to protect vauable areas as it relates to humans (Such as a Child's innocence) The Mazoi are trained at the Temple of Shira, and upon completion of their training they are allowed to leave or stay to protect the island.

Once the Mazoi leave their duty to the Island does not end, The become and extension of the Cape showing victims of heinous crimes a way to get stronger.

The Mazoi follow the direct orders of Queen Sabella, but have been trained by Princess Ziccarra; giving her the nickname "The Mazoi Princess."

The Fall of Gods

The Citadel
The Citadel

Before the Cape came into being the lands exist as one land mass with a single city known as the Citadel acting as it's capital. The Citadel was a massive metropolis filled with "gods and goddess'" that served under a Divine Monarchy-- King Kalis and Queen Rose.

Because magic was the only known force that could hurt the Gods, it was banned; and those caught practicing it's secrets were punished by death.

Queen Rose uncovered the secrets of the magic arts, and used the knowledge passed down by Asgardians to poison her husband, and ascend to the role as Supreme Ruler.

What followed was a War of Gods that took place many years before man took his first steps.

Ultimatly the Queen was cornered in her own castle, and trapped in her own Asgardian spell called "The Dreams and Nightmares Curse" What none of the gods realized was that in reciting the Curse they inadvertanly placed it on themselves.