Shira: The War Goddess

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The common misconception is that Ziccarra Liafador, and the Liafador family ascended to godhood, they did not; we came to them.

My kind owned this planet long before men discovered fire, long before the dates mentioned in man's religious scriptures, long before waterways parted the land mass.

We were a proud people, we were in many ways gods, and the only force that could stop us was each other. I was born the oldest of four sisters and two brothers living in a quaint town in the kingdom of Bristol. Despite living in what many would call poor, my mother and father made sure our days were filled with adventure. My mother would take my sisters to the mountains, and I would always follow my father to the desert for hunting. I loved my father, he taught me skills no other woman during my time knew. We would take our game to the markets and trade them to the Kings guards for other items; and then my mother and father would sit us down and tell us stories about the future.

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All of our happiness came to a screeching halt when our King died, he was poisoned by his own wife--a 'sorceress' who drew power from the fear of others. She sought to kill us all, and use her new power to wage a war against Asgard and the 9 realms.

The Queen's armies clashed against my people, and we fought them village by village, inch by inch. To protect my sisters I picked up my sword and shield and joined my fellow townsfolk in our battle against the Evil Queen.

We stormed her castle and cornered the sorceress, forcing her into submission--we had won. But it was that day...that I realized we'd lost. We trapped her in one of her own spells using two blades.

The Dreams and Nightmare Curse
The Dreams and Nightmare Curse

When the war was over famine struck, our brothers and parents got sick; and I was forced to take my sisters across the desert to give us a fighting chance. We came to a sullen town on the edge of the desert, where people knew nothing of our struggle or our power. They accepted us, and begin to worship us as gods, free of magical influence our powers knew no limit; and my sisters and I continued to perform miracle after miracle for the people who saved us.

They were happy, my sisters; but I was not. Something happened to my mind that made me see hatred. I could not appreciate the carefree lifestyle around me, I could only worry. I realized that in reciting the Dreams and Nightmares curse, I had implanted the sorceress into my own mind as an idea.

My youngest sister Nayru crafted a beautiful forest over the desert we'd once cross. Instead of seeing the beauty in her erasing our past, I saw hatred. I made it rain horribly until the remaining elements of the desert became a bay. I banished Tesla to the oceans, Naryu to the Forest and fought Faore to the death.

I begin to influence the people and creatures around me, until they begin to kill and attack each other. I became the War Goddess and sought to use the very same tactics the sorceress used to end our happiness.

But Nayru, Tesla and Faore helped them. Together through Faore's ingenuity, the banished my spirit. I continuously haunted the Earth spreading my seed, until I found the one person that could hold me.

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I lived in that dimension for centuries, until a woman named Ashley Emerald Mooreland used the very same curse we used to seal away The Sorceress on a woman named Ziccarra Liafador, ever since that day our fates have been intertwined--she could control me. She was the chosen one.

Poisoned, tainted to follow the will of a woman I now know as the omnipresent spirit Xiao Zing

Ziccarra Liafador is not the Goddess, I am the Goddess; and my name is Shira.