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The Lost Child

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Ziccarra was born in 1974 as the third child of Ramon and Sabella Liafador, early in her life she was met with hatred from her mother. The moment Sabella placed her eyes on Ziccarra she hated every bit of her. She hated the fact that Ramon loved this child more than he loved her, she hated how people complimented Ziccarra, she hated that her child was the envy of so many, while she received very little attention.

Sabella treated Ziccarra like a step-child; she fed her less, didn’t allow the young Liafador to speak, and used her for the most painful parts of the DNA recycling process. One on occasion, Sabella took an 8 year old Ziccarra to Paris and told her to find her way home. Unknown to anyone at the time, Sabella and Ramon had used the DNA recycling process so that elements of their personalities would show in Ziccarra and Kane, in the belief that they could live forever through their children. Sabella, Ramon and a teenaged Kane Liafador (Along with other notorious European families) had been mentally overhauled by their own artificial intelligence known as the 3rd Society. Ziccarra and childhood friend Isabella Marisol enroll in Malaga University. During this time she became prolific dancer, but chose to be an exotic dancer as a hobby; along with ballet and piano skills. It was during her tenure at school that, Isabella Marisol (Zedora) used the 3rd society’s indoctrination process to force Kane, to indoctrinate Ziccarra. This form of mental control was meant to have Ziccarra kill when Kane asked, she was also to carry a child that would benefit the coming 3rd society. When Ricardo got word of Ziccarra’s treatment, he imposed strict sanctions on Sabella’s parental rights, Ziccarra was now to be guarded by Cardinals at all times, any infringements of the rules were to be met with a Cardinal Ring of Fire.

The gears of a family war were churning, Ramon left the Cardinal organization and founded The Braveheart Order, and took loyal members of the Red Cardinals with him to fight his own father. Kane Liafador then later joins the BH’s and forces Ziccarra and Isabella to join. Using the Gene replication process Kane is successfully able to create a child that embodies both his mother and father, implanting the child in his own sister, Ziccarra became pregnant with Catalina. Shortly after her birth Catalina was sent to live with one of Kane's friends in Belize.

Ziccarra unknowingly birth the child and was always told that Cat was her niece rather her daughter, it wouldn't be until later after completing the pit, that she became aware of Cat's relation.

The Braveheart

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In the Bravehearts, Ziccarra befriended Ashley Mooreland, an orphan with with a fiery passion for justice. Ashley was able to teach Ziccarra how to use a sword, she taught Z how to use her talents such as ballet to maneuver the battlefield to think like a dancer, not a fighter. As a Braveheart Ziccarra was paid to hunt and destroy Cardinal Operations directly interfering with her own Grandparents. Ashley began to see the way Ziccarra reacted towards Kane's commands, she hated how quick Ziccarra was to comply with his wishes, she saw the level of mental manipulation he had over her friend; seeing this Ashley took a mission to raid a Cardinal compound in Sweden. The Sweden Cardinal compound was the largest compound and would call for a full scale braveheart invasion, Ashley preach that in order to raid the compound only two would be needed to secure information on the Cardinal's Malaga stronghold.

Kane agreed and sent both Ashley and Ziccarra to complete the mission. In the two months that they were gone, the two women began to develop feelings for each other and eventually became lovers. Ashley and Z were able to raid the compound, however Ashley found out about Catalina, and Ziccarra's indoctrination. Refusing to tell Z what she'd found the two girl's relationship went on the rocks resulting in Z accepting missions on her own for quite some time. The Cardinal-Braveheart conflict took a turn when a "Black Cardinal" disguised as a Keijiko killed Ramon and Sabella Liafador, under the command of a 12 year old Catalina Liafador, who had risen as a drug lord in Colombia. How Cat knew of their existence is a mystery, but it's quite possible that she was informed by her caretaker.

Shortly after the death of her parents, Ziccarra's grandfather, the Patriarch of the Liafador family died, and in his will named Ziccarra the first Matriarch of the Liafador Family.

The Matriarch

As a Braveheart in charge of the Cardinals, Ziccarra needed guidance, but with Kane nearby he could still persuade her to do what he wanted. Seeing this Ashley told Ziccarra to take a journey, in this journey Ziccarra discovered a cavern; this cave would eventually be named "The Pit."

The Pit

Ziccarra's time in the pit had gone undocumented, as she was the first; however the hellish hounds, and nightmarish creatures that tarnished her olive toned skin were enough documentation. The demonic structure twisted her psyche, here she had no friends; just enemies. Water was scarce, and the copius amounts of toxic gasses forced her to hallucinate. Sleep was irrelevant, it was almost like accepting death. She was woke for so long days also became irrelevant. The whispers of the demonic chambers, promised her power; she just needed to accept it. Ziccarra found a serene spot just in front of a hellish temple guarded by three headed hounds and lakes of lava, there she sat and meditated. It was here she crafted the 12 Cardinal Laws and three days later she awakened as the Red Cardinal. All the results of Kane's manipulation ceased.

While Ziccarra was in the Pit, the family's winery began to plummet, there was no assumption of command, and older Liafadors like Kane and Marcos did whatever they wanted with the prices.


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In an effort to fully facilitate her physical excellence and martial arts dominance the Cardinal Contessa, Ziccarra Liafador, embarked on a pilgrimage to one of the World's earliest and culturally rich civilizations in Asia,China. The birth place of the Snake-Crane style otherwise known as Wing Chun, affluently immersed in the deadly arts of combat, which offered the Spanish Mamba an unparallelled martial arts education that would serve as the future foundation for an entire philosophical orthodoxy. Traveling from small village to small village, Ziccarra was reluctantly shown the forbidden techniques of the infamous fighting style, in-exchange, the lovely aristocrat began influencing the poor and the destitute through Machiavellian style sermons of dogmatic ritualization. Offering hope to those who had given up and heart to those who had lost it. Building an architectural masterpiece of discipline, loyalty, integrity, and faith from the mud huts and fish shanties of the region. This unified congregation quickly rose to be a symbol of the La Malaguena's credence, her gifted influence constructing a tactically brilliant force of hand to hand elitism that would never give up, never surrender, and never betray their authoritarian leader. Intellectually motivated martial arts progressions of continual psychical and philosophical evolution engineering a secret army unlike the World has ever seen. Establishing one of several secret societies in Tibet, the Red Cardinal Queen has brought together a diversified unification of ethnicity. The original ancestors of the Tibetan people as represented by the six red bands before the birth of the Red Cardinals were the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru and Ra. Other traditional ethnic groups with significant population or with the majority of the ethnic group reside in Tibet (excluding disputed area with India) include Bai people, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui people, Lhoba, Lisu people, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu people, Pumi, Salar, and Yi people.

Red Cardinals
Red Cardinals

Beyond the skills customarily associated with the martial arts teachings of the East, rumors of mystical almost supernatural practices have drifted down from the mountain side temples instilling a level of fear in the superstitious civilians along the valley. Whether or not this fables hold a measure of authenticity, nobody knows. Taught to embrace death as a sacred honor the Tibetan Cardinals face each confrontation with an instilled hope of death. To be killed by an opponent of greater skills is the highest achievement a Cardinal can obtain. In fact, in the Tibetan Cardinal religion to be killed by the La Malaguena is an honor reserved for the Gods. The mind is the Cardinal's greatest weapon. Training mind, body, and soul, daily, adhering to the strictest schedule of purifying the soul in search of combat perfected proficiency.

Initially, Ziccarra's Cardinals were met by Cypher and organization belonging to her Half-Sister, Faatina Knightfall. Because of how intricate her planning was, Cypher managed to beat the Cardinals, at every battle; until the Tibetan government could no longer provide payment for her services. Not long after the Cypher left, The Red Cardinals took over in the Tibetan provinces and spread Cardinal Law. Shortly before leaving, Faatina instructed Ziccarra on tactics and war strategies.

Return to Malaga

Ziccarra returned to Malaga with the full force of the Tibetan Red Cardinals, asserting her dominance over the old Cardinal leaders. She issues an edict, conform or die. Many of the Cardinal leaders joined their new queen, but a few chose death. The next motion was to extract revenge on Kane for his years of manipulation, Ziccarra stormed the Braveheart stronghold and murdered every member of the Bravehearts, with the exception of Ashley. It was here that their relationship finally came to an end, it was also here that Ashley informed Ziccarra that Catalina was her child, and that she'd secretly visited her while Z was away.

Despite hearing the news about Cat being her daughter, Ziccarra sends just a few Cardinals to tend to that matter. Afterwards, Marcos and her remaining siblings conform to her way, and finally bring peace back to the Liafador Family.

Ziccarra's European Financiers enlisted Ziccarra's help to force a Super Human Registration Act in America; in order to salvage the family's failing winery. Taking the job, Ziccarra flew to New York under the disguise of Isabella and with the help of Isabella, framed the Knightfalls to get a SHRA passed. Eventually through a number of interactions Ziccarra falls in love with Quintus and the two blossom into a couple.

Ziccarra Liafador-Knightfall

Ziccarra Liafador- Knightfall
Ziccarra Liafador- Knightfall

Ziccarra and Quintus eventually married unifying two massive family lineages. In Belize, Catalina got word of her mother's rise to the Family Matriarch, but having been poisoned by Ziccarra's universal enemy Y-Intercept, Catalina could no longer be reasoned with. launch an attack on New York City nearly crippling the city with fear gas and bomb combination.

Shortly after Cry For Justice Ziccarra gave birth to her second child, Isadora Knightfall. Quintus became so enamored with tackling the Grand Master Impero, Ishin he allowed his dark urges to overtake Ziccarra. In her quest to please him, Z arranged for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, shortly after his death Ziccarra and the Monarchs with the aid of the Cardinals successfully invaded Venezuela, but her stay was limited just weeks after winning in Venezuela; Z abdicated the throne and left Quintus Knightfall.

Ziccarra emerged in Europe having been flushed out of Mexico by federal authorities, Ziccarra moved to England where she launched the Trinity, a team dedicated to preserving the good in the world. The Trinity eventually broke into two unique teams, The Uncanny Trinity and The Trinity Force, on a routine mission into South Africa, The Trinity discovered the mutant child Kari Bishops, a girl with the ability to bestow or erase the x-gene in people.

Further research of the mutant child Kari, revealed that she was just one of four that contained the possibilities of the "Genesis-Gene" a mutation that allowed her to create or destroy the X-gene. Upon the securing of the child, the Trinity team moved it's operations to the nation of Finland, more specifically Helsinki. Having learned of Kari's location, The newly anointed Black Pawn of the HFC, Catalina Liafador leaked the whereabouts of the mutant genesis to HFC White Queen, Valerie Huntington. Kari was taken by Armistice, but ultimately ended up in the hands of Catalina Liafador, and the HFC.

Unknown to both Ziccarra and the HFC, Catalina hid Kari in Southern Venezuela, Cat would then hatch a plot to not only divide Southern Venezuela, but also kill Ziccarra. Securing codes for a nuclear bomb, Cat retreated to Southern Venezuela to await the arrival of Ziccarra.

As she anticipated, Ziccarra went to Venezuela to rescue Kari and put an end to Catalina's terror, aided by her friend Mercy Sheridan. Catalina tricked Kari into killing Ziccarra, afterwards Mercy knocked Kari off a cliff with a vehicle. Believing she was dead.

Ziccarra Isabella Liafador-Pettis "The Goddess"

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Following her death at the hands of Catalina, Ziccarra was resurrected as "The Goddess" by her Ex-Husband, Quintus Knightfall and the remaining members of the Cardinal Kingdom. Quintus won the bout, but this fight was the official end of their marriage.

Liafador International (H.I.V.E) founds Solace City, In Solace City the S.H.A Squad is formed to aid with the growing meta-humans. Brahma Bull, The titanic Terrorist attack the newly awakened Goddess in Solace City, coupled with Titan Ziccarra physically stood no match for the both of them, In the end, Ziccarra was saved by her future husband, Alexis Pettis, Thee Champion.

Ziccarra and Alexis joined another hero known as Surkit to form the Triumvirate. A weird stone from Asgard appeared on Earth with the power to effect the mind of it's host. The Triumvirate moved in on the item, but found that they weren't the only ones who wanted it. Having secured the stone, Ziccarra and Alexis found themselves both enthralled by the stone, Her being The Goddess, Him being the Champion...they fought for it. Resulting in Alexis tossing the stone into the sun to free Z of it's allure. Following their conflict, they retired to Malaga so Z could heal from her wounds, it was that day that Alexis asked Ziccarra to marry him

The stones effect on Z cause her to send a tidal wave crashing through Union City, New Jersey and for it, President Stark issued a public warrant for Ziccarra's arrest. Without heeding Ziccarra's warning the War of the Gods broke out pitting the Old Gods vs The New Gods, Ziccarra broke free in time to aid her husband and his friends battle the likes of the Asgardians. Having been exonerated of her charges, Ziccarra and Alexis spent time doing various missions across the globe in the pursuit of peace. Throughout their endeavors Maya had become pregnant twice, but interference from the 3rd Society took the time from the two parents (Note this is an edit for Selene.) The 3rd Society had stolen Maya's conscious and placed her in a pre-made body with powers. The time Alexis and Ziccarra spent here aged Ziccarra daughter Selene.

In an attempt to wake both Maya and a "reformed" Catalina from their sleep, Z accidentally cause Maya to alter reality, creating a bridge back to the dead universe--Reality M. Reality M pit M Ziccarra and M Alexis vs the Nu Z and Alexis, things got dire until the arrival of Catalina allowed her mother to kill her M counterpart. Safely exiting the dead universe, Z, Alexis, and Catalina welcomed Leonel Pettis-- their M universe relative, into their family. Shortly after Leonel's arrival Ziccarra became pregnant with her final child. Tassiania Pettis.

The Outlaw Queen

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Having secured victory in the Spanish presidential elections, Ziccarra rose to power in Spain as it's prime minister. However her reign was not without controversy, just a few short weeks after being sworn in Catalina, her daughter showed her true colors and launched an attack on Malaga with the help of Jessica Liafador, Ziccarra's brother Marcos and Kane Liafador. In the days following the conflict, Ziccarra secured an alliance with the HFC and former enemy Valerie Huntington.

Shortly after the Liafador War, Catalina was imprisoned in a space prison, allowing Ziccarra to tend to her duties as a Prime Minister. All went well until an other plane beast attacked Emerald City, forcing the newly elected Prime Minister to deal with the conflict the best way she knew how--With Military force.

The weight of being a public figure and the family's Matriarch was too much, and so Ziccarra passed on the title of Matriarch to her nieces Zeon. The Cataclym event deposited Asgard above Kanas, which infuriated Ziccarra because the witch that lived there had brainwashed Maya just months earlier. Armed with her family, and Tassi who came back from the future.

Using her assets in the HFC, Ziccarra launched a full on invasion of Asgard with the intention on burning it to the ground. It was on Asgard, in Ziccarra's battle with Amora, that the Goddess was hit with a powerful blast of magic causing her to lose her divine right. The arrival of Zedora and the 3rd Society made the entire situation dire. In a fit of rage Ziccarra plowed her psionic energy into the core of Asgard bringing the Kingdom to it's knees.

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The negative effects of Amora's magic awakened a virus resting within Ziccarra. The Spanish Prime Minister turned her weapons on her own country and family. Attacking both Maya and Tassi, Ziccarra divorced her husband and began to persecute those that didn't follow Grand Cardinalism. Ziccarra launched an attack on Emerald City burning it to the ground, and then turned her attention to Madrid. Using a curse she retrieved from Amora, Z turned the heart of Maya black before being implied by her grandson's blade.

Return of The Red Cardinal Queen - Z Foundation

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With the Cardinal Kingdom resting soley on the shoulders of her Granddaughter, Zeon Liafador, The High Cardinal Goddess Sabella Liafador rewarded Ziccarra and Catalina with their lives back--There was only one condition. Ziccarra and The Goddess were brought back as two seperate entities. This was to keep Ziccarra's stress levels down and prevent her from once again turning into the Outlaw Queen. The first order of business was securing the location of her legendary mask of cortez, a task that saw Ziccarra in Iceland. The Ziccarra/Goddess duo was put to the test at the hands of Licther; a bout that saw Ziccarra bested by the mere human. It was here that she realized in order to work in cohesion with the Goddess she had to submit to being the brains.

Shortly after being bested in Iceland, Ziccarra was kidnapped by aliens and forced to compete in a series of battles to the death. In the first round Ziccarra secured victory over Clara Mass and Alexander Apex in the second, The final round however pit Ziccarra against an long time enemy--Feral Nova. Employing a series of mental manuvers to decieve and confound Zoe, Ziccarra walked out victorious with a brand new shield, replacing the one she lost in Iceland; and a championship belt.

Raxus Prime Invitational Champion
Raxus Prime Invitational Champion

Divided We Fall

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Having returned to Earth, Ziccarra focused her attention on taking down the biggest threat to her family, her own daughter Maya Liafador, the same daughter she poisoned as The Outlaw Queen.


Psionic Drain - Ziccarra can use her psionic drain against opposing psychics to enhance her own psionic powers. Her growth can be attributed to the strength boost she gained from Reality M.

Telekenesis - Z can manipulate objects with her mind, She can also use her TK ability to choke, push or pull objects. She can use her TK to as a homing skill. The strongest part of her ability is a TK blast, depending on her level of strength Z can release an atom bomb equivalent to destructive energy.

Tactikenesis - Z can envelope her body in TK energy which will prevent her from taking large amounts of damage.

Telepathy/Mental Manipulation - Z can enter the mind, and control and influence those around her. She can also freeze people.

The Legendary Mask of Cortez – This mask allowed Ziccarra to construct illusions, they are broken down in tiers 1-4, the more illusions she cast; the harder they are to decipher.

Agility – Having mastered Yoga, and previously moonlighting as a stripper. Ziccarra’s coordination, and balance are far beyond that of an Olympic level athlete.As is her agility. She’s fast enough to detect and evade bullets fired from long range.

Durability – So long as Ziccarra is wearing her Cardinal bangles, she has Durability.She possesses a high resistance to damage. Bullets are virtually ineffective at long range.Z’s bangles can be nullified by magic attacks.

Energy Projection – Complete mastery of one energy/element type.Z’s psy energy is her weapon of choice. Though she can absorb foreign energies, she cannot project it like her psy energy.

Fighting Ability – Experienced Fighter:

Z is the finest fighters in the Liafador Family. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat, proficient with nearly every bladed weapon. She has held her own with Both Quintus Knightfall and the Grandmaster Impero.

Intelligence – Learned. Ziccarra is among one of the smartest Liafador. It was her business plan that helped her family’s winery. She is also the architect of an attack surveillance satellite known as Valkyrie. She is able to speak; French, Italian, Spanish, and Egyptian.

Mental Power – 3) Rudimentary training or experience. The Mask of Cortez, allowed Ziccarra to pierce the mental defenses of another person; allowing her to implant an illusion in the mind. Currently, she is without the mask. Which leaves her unprotected by mental intrusions

Speed - Peak or Enhanced. Having lost her affinity to the speed force, Ziccarra isn’t as fast as she used to be. However she can still think, react and move at superhuman speeds. In short distance she is fast enough to just barley lose to Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. She is able to keep that sprint for up to an hour.

Stamina – 5) Superhuman; Able to sustain for a while. Her muscles produce no lactic acids, allowing her to fight without tiring.

Stength-6) Superhuman-Above 75 tons up to 100 tons.Z is stronger than most beings, she’s on par with Hercules as far as raw strength, but she has to have already worked her muscles. From a stationary position, she can only life 25 tons. Her strength can be nullified by any form of magic attack.


Dimensional Teleportation – Through deep introspection; Ziccarra can separate herself from the flesh, and enter the “Spirit World” This allows her to speak with the dead.

Tactician – Having studied over 600 successful military strategies, Ziccarra is an accomplished strategist and tactician, trained in the arts of leadership, persuasion and diplomacy, and possesses a great deal of courage as well. She is a gifted leader. She is often seen reading the Art of War. She is able to process and break down an opponent’s strategy in battle while engaging a foe.

Shin Guards: Though they are typically unnoticeable, the shins guards on Z’s shins work just like her elbow pads used to, allowing her to transmute to the rest of her body.

Cardinal Bracelets: These are the source of power for Z; with these on her body’s tolerance for pain and damage goes up; allowing her to take great amounts of damage. Contrary to popular believe she cannot deflect bullets with them.

Assault Armor- for use in large battles, Z has a golden body armor with chest plate, pteruges, greaves, an open visor helmet, and large, non-functional wings on her back. There is a slot in her helmet for the mask of Cortez.The AA gives Z an in depth look at the terrain allowing for better strategy.

Conquistador Bullwhip – Much like the lasso of truth, Z’s bullwhip is impervious to damage (Save for Magic) other than being a really good tool for capturing people, it’s completely useless.

Aegis Shield – The Aegis Shield is the pride of the Liafador Family, it is impervious to magic; providing some shelter to the poor magic defenses of Z.The Aegis Shield becomes the chest plate for the AA. The shield can only be lifted by Liafador blood.

Raxius Shield:

The majority of the shield would be made from a mixture of posmium and xanthinium. P/X alloy was used in the helms and armor of Miastar's legendary Silverly Legion. Its advantages were many, most notably, P/X had the ability to absorb momentum and distribute it equally across its surface, so as to drastically lessen the force of any impact.

In addition to the lightweight P/X alloy, a more exotic element, neglum, was introduced in the bonding phase. Neglum was a pitch-black substance harvested from the gigantic red aurochs native to the planet Onyxia. This bovine creature had evolved over thousands of years to resist the magics of the Onyxians who nearly hunted it to extinction. The substance found in the aurochs' blood literally repelled magical bolts of energy, enchantments, or any other magic attacks that the Onyxians could throw their way. When it came time for the Raxians to conquer Onyxia, this substance was the deciding factor in the war, helping the blue-skinned conquistadors defeat the Onyxians in the span of five days.

The final step of the forging process involved the blacksmith adding febrix dust to the finest edges of the shield. Material coated in febrix had the ability to be sharpened to such a degree that it could slice through most any material when traveling at high enough speeds. Making the shield not a defensive aid, but also an offensive weapon. From WAL Invitational

Medusa’s head: Ziccarra’s sword. It’s able to penetrate most metals.

Cardinal Skills

Having mastered the White Lotus technique and learning various forms of Wing Chun; Z has incorporated her own skills into what is known as "Cardinal Skills" These techniques and Strike attacks are key in Cardinal combat. Most of her deadly strikes are targeting the pressure points.

100 Step Faint Attack- Z can gently hit each of the 36 chambers of a person's body in 20 seconds; after much move the person can move without ailment for 100 steps before fainting.

5-point Palm exploding heart technique* - Having learned under Pai Meh, Z can hit the 36 chambers in 4 seconds to administer the exploding heart technique. This will allow a person to take 5 steps before death. (The only attack Z did not teach the Cardinals*

Level One Technique- A knife-hand strike that crushes the victim's thorax. Does not even use any of the body's pressure points.

Level Two Point Strike - Z performs a series of two kicks at the pressure points in the neck, sending a wave of paralysis to the enemy, unable to move

Raging Dragon- A method of breathing that allows the Cardinal practitioner to tap into their body's full potential. A normal human uses but 30% of their body's strength so RD is used to tap into that other 70%. A technique of utmost secrecy, anyone who sees it being performed must be killed to protect one of Cardinals greatest advantages over other styles. This increases Z from Human to Peak-Human.

Strength, Speed, Intellect and Endurance are all increased; A healing factor develops aswell as an energy based strike.

Temperal Melee- Z can strike 1,000 times (An illusion cast by her mask) backed with the power of the Raging Dragon; this allows her to perfectly hit 36 chambers of multiple enemies without exhuastion.

Key Stroke - Is a two finger strike, that Z uses to hit the pressure point on the back of the leg; this disables the leg entirely.

Mind-Set - is a form of hypnotism that requires extreme concentration and focus. It is perhaps the most powerful and dangerous of the Cardinal secrets, granting a warrior unshakable resolve and tenacity. The Mind-Set will cause a warrior to ignore pain and fear, and has proven capable of casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Cloak of the Chameleon - using extreme physical control, the Cloak of the Chameleon alters breathing and circulatory patterns, in order to perfectly mimic the sounds of another person.

The Ear That Sees - is an exercise that concentrates hearing, to compensate for loss of sight and allows a warrior to identify a foe through sound alone, with cues such as heartbeat, the sound of cloth against cloth, and the patterns of breathing and other movement.

The Sleeping Phoenix - technique mimics death, by exerting extreme physical control over involuntary bodily processes. It has proven valuable in fooling enemies, and in extending survival, such as when a Cardinal grandmaster used the technique to preserve his life, after the being stabbed by a Ronin shinobi.

The Blind Sword - a lesser sword fighting technique that allows the practitioner to defend them self in no visibility conditions, consisting in just extending the sword using its scabbard for touch and compensate loss of sight.


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