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  • Alignment:Evil
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  • Name: General Ziah Darksong
  • Species: Lorian Mutant (formerly presumed human)
  • Gender: Cisgender Female
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 135lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Measurements: 35-27-34
  • Age: ?
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Sexuality: Lesbian

Description: Appearing to be basically human, Ziah's eyes are what give her away as something unnatural. Not that they are physically anomalous besides being a staggeringly piercing shade of blue -- it is the confidence they carry, the cold sense of power, the ruthless intent to carry out what she believes she must do.

Physically, the specimen is tall and well-built with an athletic figure that suggests military training, though it is unknown whether she has served with any armies. Interrogation has led to her evading questions with tales of an underground empire.

Personality: Subject should be considered highly dangerous. Her goals are currently unknown but highly volatile. Subject is very willing to use violence to achieve her ends and seems to have very little concern for human life. Considers herself to be noble, possibly royalty or some manner of military officer, though the origin of these delusions is unclear.

Abilities: Ziah possesses a number of unusual abilities, marking her as a pointedly challenging opponent. Her greatest weakness is that her level of durability is not equal to her strength, which is why she will generally avoid a fight until she is able to wear her armor -- the material of which is currently unknown.

In addition to these abilities, the subject appears to have training in multiple combat arts and extensive strategic training. Strangely, subject has shown proficiency in various close and ranged weapons, but carries none.


Power Grid

Intelligence: 4

Ziah is highly intelligent but not amazingly so. In the fields of science and other such academic knowledge, she barely reaches the level of a normal high school senior. Tactically and strategically, however, she is a highly skilled and trained military officer, as well as an experienced leader who was able to guide an entire civilization under her.

Strength: 6

As a mutant of the Lorian people, Ziah Darksong was hailed as a warrior-god by her people for her incalculable strength. Though her exact limits have not been tested, she is able to lift around ninety tons -- however, much like a cobra can strike harder than the amount of weight it can lift, Ziah's strikes are well-placed and powerful, able to shatter dense materials with extreme ease.

Speed: 5

General Darksong is able to move at absurd speeds in short bursts, resembling teleportation to the naked eye. However, even these brief flash steps do not reach light speed, and when moving at a steady pace her travel speed is much slower. However, she is still able to move at around Mach 2 speeds, and her reactionary speed parallels this travel speed. Outside of her suit, her standard speed is increased slightly.

Durability: 5 / 6

Out of her armor, Ziah's durability is not equal to her strength, causing her to be weakened and "unstable" out of it. Still, she is highly regenerative and naturally bulletproof, sustaining only small welts from high-caliber weaponry. In her armor, however, she is nearly indestructible, able to sustain an undisclosed amount of damage before her shell (of an unknown material) is damaged.

Energy Projection: 5 - Medium Range, Single Type

Ziah is able to rip massive lightning bolts from the ether seemingly at will. While the voltage or true origin of these energy bolts is unknown, she uses them against highly durable opponents -- suggesting that they do more damage than her fists. When particularly provoked or determined, Ziah can cause these bolts of energy to fall down in massive amounts, creating a continuous storm akin to rain.

Fighting Skill: 4

The Lorian woman is trained in multiple military fighting styles, and has specifically studied in self-taught arts that allow her to use her superior strength and the environment around her. An experienced and powerful combatant, Ziah doesn't shy away from tricks or cheap shots, and will use massive throws or stomps, toss cars, or topple structures onto her opponent. She is a brawler by nature and shows little finesse or grace in her fighting style -- but that doesn't mean that she isn't skilled, and she utilized her natural gifts to the best of her ability.

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Ziah is more or less dependent on her armor, as it not only protects her, but prevents her from damaging herself. As an unstable Lorian mutate, her strength level is higher than her durability -- without her suit to contain her, too much exertion can cause her to do things like pull her own muscles or break her own bones.

While she is arrogant and of quick temper, angering her is not really a weakness. Ziah rarely gives in to her emotions and would rather permanently crush an opponent than give in to arrogance by monologuing or otherwise letting her enemy survive. Such techniques would be unrealistic, and poor strategy.


  • Lust: 3
  • Envy: 3
  • Gluttony: 1
  • Sloth: 1
  • Wrath: 6
  • Avarice: 3
  • Pride: 7