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Giving credit where credit's due 0

As much as I hated the whole One More Day and issue 545, I will admit that Brand New Day has not been that had. In fact, I would probably loved this arc more had they not blown it on OMD, and is the reason why I cannot fully enjoy BND. However, when I forget everything that happened in OMD, it does kind of feel like the Spider-Man of old.With that being said, let's get on with the good and the bad starting with the art. Salvador Larroca does an excellent job in this issue, although I've always l...

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Wow..... 2

Being a big Spider-Man fan and have been since my age was single digit, I'm obviously outraged by the direction that Joe Quesada has decided to take Spider-Man. I've stuck with Spidey through the highs (Death of Gwen, symbiote Spidey, Kraven's last hunt, death of Harry), and through the lows (Death of Gwen lol, The Other, Sin's Past, Clone Saga although I liked it, they stretched it too much). And I have seriously never been more outraged over a comic before this particular Spider-Man story.Now,...

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I don't know about you but I have been waiting for Paul Dini to write stories about Harley since he told DC to not do anything with his character because he wanted to write about her back story. This wasn't a story about Harley's back story but it was still pretty good. I kind of like Harley reformed but I'd rather have her be not too good and not too bad. I've been liking what Dini is doing with Scarface and making him still a mystery to us all. Scarface has been pretty important during Dini's ...

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Batman 664 1

I have been enjoying this run on Batman that Grant Morrison is writing. The stories have been excellent and this week's Batman is no different.This is a typical story that shows how well his deductive skills are and what goes through his mind as he is investigating. But Grant Morrison really writes it well as you see both the cold type Batman that will get what he wants from the bad guys, but also you can see the compassionate side of Batman as he wants people to turn a new leaf.Andy Kubert does...

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