Need help catching up

So I'm starting to read comics again after nearly a year off. I need help catching up as I'm a little behind. I stopped around the beginning of the Skrull Invasion. So I'd like some issue numbers of important tie-ins. What's been the events after Skrull Invasion? Has anything important happened in Spider-Man (issue numbers)? Is Psylocke still only in New Exiles? What up's with Astonishing X-Men and what are issues worth reading since the Skrull Invasion for the entire X-Men series.

On the DC side. I actually forgot what I was reading. What was going on around the time of the Skrull Invasion for DC? I remember stopping about in the middle of Batman R.I.P (what were those issues again?) Also what are relevent Batman stories since then that I should read? Supergirl? Wonder Woman?