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Comicbooks to read

Just wanted to give you an insight over the books or stories, I think are way too underestimated or just brilliant. So just give em a try or send me a PM, if you want to know more!

List items

  • So much fun this book! Essentialy its about mythological figures like King Arthur being reborn in a bit alternate way (Excalibur is a baseball bat)!

  • This book portraits superheroism like a job, with an union and everything. But the overall style of the book sees to it that its always funny and not dark! Many parodies!

  • A beautiful piece. A soap-opera in cape-and-tights world. Great combination, thats even made better by a very cartoonish style.

  • The most hilarious comicbook ever. Without giving too much away, we´re following the God of misfortune, so he´s not the luckiest guy. Basically Murphys Law personified.

  • Superheroes are being casted

  • The war of Irac shown through the eyes of a lin pack

  • Brilliant story. Actually, it made me swear that I would collect the whole series and not read it before I have the whole package!

  • In a time, when all other superhero-books showed teams that were going well together, people that were truly good, the guys and gals from DV8 were a welcome change. They were twisted, wanted to do good, but didn´t really know how, had to get along, but even that wasn´t easy. On top of that, it had some of the greatest artists working on it. What isn´t to love? I would say they were ahead of their time when I think of the kind of stories that are developed right now.

  • Different kind of vampirestory with a great artist to show it

  • Imagine John Constantine kicking the crap out of the worlds greatest heroes, who are pathetic losers in reality. And you still lack so much. Tons of hints to heroes and publishers of Marvel and DC.

  • A wonderful mixture of Steampunk, magical fantasy, and history, written by one of the best: Kurt Busiek!

  • The story of a professional gambler and his entry into the divine realms