Castello Cardinale: Liafador Winery (Sicily, Italy)

Castello Cardinale (Sicily Italy)

Castillo Cardinale
Castillo Cardinale

Castello Cardinale (Castle Cardinal) has been owned by the Liafador Family since the mid-1900's and is located in Sicily, Italy along its the rolling hills and is the second headquarters of the Liafador family winery (first being Malaga). The 14 room boutique is surrounded by the seven-thousand-acre vineyard, sloping gently down from the fortress like articeture to just a couple of miles from the city itself. With exposed stone arches, vaulted ceilings and sturdy timber beams, the castle stands tall and ready for visitors from all over the world, preserved and restored with a few modern twists, kept up by the wealth the Liafador Winery has brought in over the years.

Relaxation and calming atmosphere surrounds the entire castle, in fact, it is known that many of the Liafador family members come to the Estate to escape their busy lives every once in a while.

The main body of the castle is where guests take up residence within one of the 14 rooms. Each of them fully furnished with a large king size bead, Egyptian silk sheets with a small living room area and a balcony with breath taking views of the vineyard and mountains that surround them.

(Please note there are special rooms along the estate that are specifically only for the Liafador use.)

Swimming Pool

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The salt water pool sits along the edge of the the housing estate lines, looking out at the vineyard with the gentle Italian sun kissing your skin. The pool is accessible only to hotel guests, however it can be closed off to the guests if the Liafador family choose to live/visit the location.

Full wine service by the pool is complimentary for hotel guests. The pool is open for guests from 6am to 11pm. There are no life guards on duty so if you have little ones who cannot swim, be sure to keep them away from the pool.


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The Liafador Estate also has a library filled with books from all over the world. Novels of fiction and non-fiction litter the shelves of the quiet and calming room with windows that look out to the vineyard. Grab a glass of wine and relax with a good book in your hands as the natural Italian surroundings sooth your overworked body. The Library also holds a couple of working desks with computers set up for those who just cannot escape work life even while on vacation. For those who prefer to read outside there is a small balcony connected to the library so you can enjoy the cool Italian air as you read.

Le Nascondiglio

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Balcony dining
Balcony dining

La Nascondiglio is a restaurant that was transformed from an old wine cellar and is open for all guests from 6am to 12am. From full traditional Italian meals to light appetizers are served all day. All Liafador Wines are also accessible here including wines from the main winery in Malaga Spain. For those who are wondering if the food is actually decent at a winery, fear not, the small restaurant has been tested by food critics all around the world and has been given the five star seal of approval. Or if you do not wish to eat inside, you can go outside along the balcony for a breath taking view of the vineyard.

Courtyard dining
Courtyard dining

But if you want a more romantic setting you can eat outside in the courtyard and enjoy the view of the castle. Outside you can also find live Italian music from local musicians in Sicily.


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The Liafador estate extends along the southern slopes of the township of Sicily across 7,100 acres of land; one third of the property is under specialized vine and the balance is shared between olive groves, wheat fields, plum trees, truffle stands, forest and scrub.

In addition to the two traditional varietals of the area, Sangiovese e Moscadello, plantings of the principal noble varietals are perfectly integrated in this exceptional environment.

The soils are extremely rich and uniform, structured with clay and calcium which favor the optimal growth conditions for the vine and complexity in red wines, which the wealth of stones and organic matter render the aromatic profile of our white wines with classic minerality.

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Recognizing the redoubtable value and potential of this terrain, for over thirty years the Liafadors have undertaken research and studies focusing on the principal red varietals, especially Sangiovese, in collaboration with some of Italy’s most important universities.

Tours of the vineyards are available for visitors and will be guided by one of the many Cardinal workers.


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Our Wine Bar recreates the atmosphere of a true Sicilian wine shop where, alongside our estate still and sparkling wines, grappa, extra virgin olive oil and Salsa Etrusca, you will find numerous local artisan food and crafts.

Here, surrounded by the imposing views of the adjacent Castello, you will have the opportunity to taste outstanding local sheep’s cheese and classic local Sicilian specialty dishes to our estate wines.

The building lies below the castle itself, once serving as a wine cellar of sorts in medieval times and being built up over the ensuing centuries. Inside, you can find Castillo Cardinale wines from both the Malaga and Sicily estate which can be purchased by the bottle, case or in various gift packs.

Pets are not allowed. (With the exception of Liafador pets and service dogs)


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Wood in an important protagonist in the crucial aging process for fine wine. This phase is essential and crucial for the birth of great wines and in particular those made from selected grapes, richer and more structured.

To improve upon this process, Liafador undertook intensive research on wood, studying the selection of the trees, the aging, and the toasting process.

It is for this reason, in a continual pursuit of excellence, that the choice of wood is focused on the use of French oak: we start with the choice of the tree, the growth of which is strictly regulated in the prestigious Allier, Nevers, Fontainebleau and Tronçais forests of France’s Massif Central.

Once the staves are split, they are aged on the Castello Cardinel estate: the wood will be exposed to all weather conditions for two years in an ample area, stacked in heptagon form to guarantee a homogenous and constant qualitative evolution and seasoning.

Once the wood is fully seasoned and assembled into barrels, it is time for the toasting: the temperature is lower than that usually used and lasts for a longer period of time compared to normal techniques, avoiding charring and obtaining more uniform results. The innovative nature of this process lies in keeping in mind the final composition of the wood from the moment the toasting process is chosen: this permits careful management of the many variables involved.


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Horizon represents a production philosophy that, together with the unique nature of our Sicilian soils, allows us to obtain an optimal expression of Sangiovese. It is a Liafador style, authentic and original, made possible thanks to years of research on clonal selection, soil studies, the careful selection of vineyard sites and the vines to grow there, and other high level solutions in both vineyard and winery.

The grapes, carefully selected and harvested only by hand, arrive at the winery in ideal condition. The manual selection of the bunches is then followed by selection of the individual grapes, an intense process that guarantees the exclusive use of raw materials that are in absolutely perfect condition.

The true revolution is embodied in the tanks, hybrid construction using stainless steel and wood, where fermentation takes place. From this unique and inventive fusion of materials, Liafador captures the advantages of each. The Horizon vinification area is completely visible to our visitors thanks to comfortable architectural solutions such as a bridge allowing passage above the entire vinification process.

This innovative fermentation area guarantees wine making that exalts the unique characteristics of these grapes and this territory. The hybrid fermentation tanks allow for optimal temperature control as well as other aspects of fermentation, assuring the end result of wines that are less astringent, less bitter, and softer.

If the soul of Horizon is in the vineyards, the winery is without a doubt its very heart. Designed to preserve and highlight the integrity of the best grapes, the winery represents the ultimate expression of Horizon, a unique and authentic production style that designates new horizons for the wines of Liafador.


  • This is the Liafador Family Wine Estate however other's are more than welcome to visit Castello Cardinale if they have the money to do so.
  • No attacks (passive and aggressive) on the estate, it's guests and workers without permission. This is meant to be more of a relaxing location for your characters, not a battle arena.
  • Rooms that belong specifically to the Liafador family are not filled with secrets, those are at the Palace :P Keep your ninja gear at home.
  • If people MUST battle it out for reasons, please do so with minimal estate damage. However this location is also filled with workers who are Cardinals. If you must fight, the workers won't run away, they will engage in battle to stop you. Note Cardinals are highly trained warriors who are extremely loyal to the Liafador family, they're not couch potatoes, please sell them properly.
  • Any massive damage to the estate will be ignored if not granted permission first.
  • Also normal rpg rules apply which can be found here