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Name: Zelos

Aliases: The Big One/ Allmighty/ Zelos the Rivalry God/ Prof. Zel/ Muscles/ The Green Brawler

Species: Unkown

Occupation: Scientist/Planetary Explorer

Height: 7'4-9'0 (Varies on form)

Weight: 330lbs -780 lbs (Varies on Form)

Eye Color: Midnight Blue

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Martial Arts/ Star-Gazing/ Drawing/ Survival Games

Age: 50

Hair Color: Crow - Neon Green

Unusual Features: Giant of Sheer Muscle


Zelos was named an abomination by his people, as when he was born, his size was larger than that of a normal child, ranging to about 2 feet. Along with his unusually large size, the power that he possessed, surpassed even that of his planet's king, creating fear in the hearts of the royalties. So, in order to remain unthreatened for the throne, they had Zelos sent out into the emptiness of space. Having him land in the planet known as Venus, in order to kill him off. However, instead of dying, his body was found by a small group of Venus's locals, who nurtured him so his body could adapt to the planet's harsh environment.

From there he trained,in combat and his own power, against the monstrosities that lived there. His power-grew significantly throughout each battle, causing him to continuously break limits that his kind would face.


A mysterious energy unlike any other flows through him in near-unlimited proportions, it is available to him and his kind, but only a select few get to experience to fullness of it, Zelos happens to be one of them. The Energy is attached t both the user's life-force and their emotions, and can strengthen both of them, allowing them a broad range of power that is unlike any other, eventually evolving the user and ,if the user is strong enough, transcend their limits. It can also allow the user to displace space-time around them so they can create small rifts in which they can travel through instantaneously. These Limit Breakers are in the shape of forms, and each form, is usually stronger than the last.


-Baseline- Prince of Noone

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Zelos's everyday form, yet even though this, technically, his weakest form. It hides hidden power beneath his seemingly boring glare. The Energy at his point is mingled with his blood, allowing him unyielding power without clouding the Rivalry Prince's mind. He is capable of thinking clearly in this state, and is least likely to act on emotion. Along with his thoughts being clear, Zelos's Prince of Noone state can sense lifeforms and their own emotions. Enabling him to have a base understanding about what they're thinking and even allowing him to understand animals to an extent.He can also deliver psychic messages due to his mind being clear. This form is where his martial prowess fully shows. While he isn't capable of energy projection in this form, he can thwart them if timed properly. Due to him being in control of The Energy, he is able to supply it to others, and can heal them or strengthen them.

Form Physical Limits

Strength: 600,000 tons

Durability: Large Mountain+/Basic


Energy Projection: None

Speed: Mach 5000/Teleportaion

-Baseline (2nd)- Man of Anger

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A mix of Zelos's normal form and with a hint of primal wrath. The Energy is mingling with his emotions, allowing him to feed of them and grow stronger, especially anger. This is, in Zelo's opinion, his ideal form, as it gives him the right mixture of power and though to allow him to become a deadly hand-2-hand combatant. With this form, Zelos is now capable of flight and can manipulate The Energy in forms of blasts and spheres. While in this form, Zelos produces an aura with that repels nearby objects as well as producing a bit of warmth. He can begin to corrupt other's energies as with his own, and if enough is entangled, he can hold them as he desires.

Form Physical Limits

Strength: 900,000 Tons

Durability: Large Continental +/Advanced Regeneration.

Energy Projection: Short Series of Beams and Spheres

Speed: Mach 500000

-Super (3rd)- Man from Above

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The Man from Above form received its name, because it resembles that of an Egyptian God, as gold begins to replace his clothing and hair. The Man from Above form is when The Energy has taken over a majority of Zelos's body, enabling him divine power. However, in this form is when Zelo's thoughts begin to get clouded by the immense power that has taken over, making him more prone to outbursts. The Aura that was shown earlier in Zelos's Man of Anger form no longer clings to his body, but instead extends to over a few dozen feet and acts as a shield that protects him from attacks, it also burns fiercely with the same temperature as Earth's core, usually incinerating those who are unfortunate enough to be in its grasps. Energy attacks from this form are usually devastating, but not planet-ending.

Form Physical Limits:

Strength: < SuperGiant Star

Durability: Large Planetary +/Divine Regeneration

Energy Projection: Extended Beams, power varying on charge + Man of Anger

Speed: <Luminal

-Herculean- (God Of Power)

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God of Power, the strongest form of Zelos, in this form, The Energy has been intertwined with his very essence. Making him a truly unstoppable force of power. Eventually, Zelos begins to steal the life-force energy of those around him, furthering strengthen himself in battle. He now reacts fully on emotion, his thoughts are nothing more then primal animal instinct. His power knows no bounds as he can thwart anything that stands against him and his rage. However, this form can (currently)only be held when Zelos is enraged, and will deteriorate into his Man from Above form when he no longer feels threatened. The Aura that surrounds him beings to sap others of their own energies, as well as shield Zelos from possible attacks. The heat from this power is unfathomable as well as instant, burning planets by simply being there.

Form Physical Limits

Strength: Unkown

Durability: Unkown

Energy Projection: Limitless

Speed Unkown