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It's not really a new origin since it's using Geoff Johns Superman: Secret Origins, most of Post Crisis stories along with the New 52 (with minor changes). Overall, I LOVE it. It keeps the old continuity while adding in the New 52. It's a nice compromise that has successfully made old and new fans alike happy.

I stopped reading Superman comics when the New 52 started up back in 2011 because the New 52 Superman wasn't Superman in my book. But now, after years of being away from the books, I'm back to reading the titles again. The REAL Superman is back and I couldn't be happier.

Two things I don't like, though.

1. Connor (Superboy) is missing. I'm not talking about the New 52 version here (who I never liked), I'm talking about the one that emerged from the Return of Superman story. I'm scratching my head, wondering why DC erased him from continuity.

2. Ma and Pa Kent are dead and never met Lois or Jon. The old Post Crisis/New Earth stories might be back in canon but them being dead even before they met Lois alters a lot of stories where they interacted. The Kents are an essential element to the Superman mythos, without their presence, it's like eating pizza without cheese. It just isn't the same.

This guy gets it!

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@ganon15 said:
@oldboy93 said:

@ganon15: Wasn't Maria Hill white?

^Does she look white next to Vixen?

Uh, does she look at all non-white here?

No Caption Provided

Maria Hill's white, dude.

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@oldboy93: I wouldn't even say Blade is very high up on that list. He had a few movies in the 90s, but a lot of people seem to have forgotten about him (or that he's even a part of the Marvel universe). Compared to the rest of the MU, Blade just seems so out of place. The character probably next on the list after BP and Storm would be Luke Cage.

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Once again this list just shows how bad DC's black heroes suck. Me and everyone else is choosing the woman without powers and no costume. Like, shouldn't one of the actual superheroes win this with ease!? Nope. Not in this case.

And than people bringing up Bumblebee. A Wasp clone. Than there's power girl with her generic ability of size alteration.

Yep. DC's black characters suck. The men do to. That's why Cyborg was randomly made a JLger. Tho he doesn't fit he was the best choice after DC thumbed through there catalogue of black characters. There that bad.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Nick Fury is (or was) all over the Marvel universe and he didn't have any powers. Black Panther, Marvel's premier black character, ALSO doesn't have any powers. So, the fact that Amanda Waller is in the lead just means that she is an amazing character. She is one of the smartest, most resourceful, and strategically minded characters in comics. She's basically the Nick Fury of the DCU. She doesn't need powers to be a threat. That's sort of her point. She's able to manipulate characters more powerful than herself into doing what she wants them to do.

And are we seriously getting into a battle of who is a clone? Okay, let's talk clones. Let's talk about how Hyperion and Sentry are Superman clones, about how Moon Knight is a Batman clone, about how Thanos is a Darkseid clone, about how the entire Squadron Supreme are Justice League clones, etc.

And I seriously doubt you could even name five of DC's black male characters let alone actually judge them.

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@captainmarvel4ever said:

@saint_samantha: Because as a living it's their job to watch, review, and analyze film. And so far it seems that the general public feels the same way.

Not to mention that while art is subjective, it still has a methodology to it, one that can be broken down and analyzed like everything else in the world. That's why colleges offer courses and degrees in the arts, because there are ways to improve upon them, and to frame them in certain creative lights. It's why chances are if someone puts 20 hours into a piece of art, you'll likely like it more than someone who spent 5 minutes on it.

So yeah, art is subjective, but it can also be looked at objectively, and objectively speaking from what I've heard, in terms of story telling and representation of these characters, it falls flat.

What? It got a 73% (which is about the same at the first Thor movie and Iron Man 3) audience score on RT and a 9.4/10 on IMDb.

Also, speaking as someone who studied art for a loooooooong time, I can say you really don't understand art. Art programs aren't geared at teaching someone how to make "good" art, they're geared at teaching people how to make their own art. There's a big difference. Even art teachers recognize that art is ENTIRELY subjective. The goal of art courses (you know, since I've actually taken art courses) is to expose students to several different styles of art so they can choose which they like best. That's why there are different movements in the art world. Matisse and Picasso's art is not good from the perspective of realist artists, but does that make their art bad? Obviously not.

Also, as you HAVEN'T seen the movie and have made that perfectly clear, I really doubt that any of us should really take your evaluations of its content as reliable.

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I wouldn't mind some more members, but i don't know if the team really needs it right now. I mean, we currently have 10 members: Superman, Batman, WW, GL, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Power Ring, Captain Shazam, Lex Luthor. That's a decent amount. Even if we threw out Luthor (which will eventually happen b/c once a villain, always a villain), we'd still have a pretty big roster for a team book. Plus, it looks like this arc will see the addition of Mister Miracle and Barda as members or at least allies of the League.

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Convergence made nearly all storylines/archs meaningless in the grand scheme of things...

Like why does this matter? It's hard to get invested in stuff when it has no real lasting legacy imo...

1) The whole point of Convergence was that it made all stories canon as part of the DC Multiverse

2) Uh, the immediate enjoyment of reading a well-written story?

3) So do you need an assurance that a story will at some point be reference in another story down the road in order to enjoy it?

4) This is part of continuity, so it is probably gonna impact the League down the road.

All in all, I really don't get the logic behind your comment.

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@mark_stephen said:

So much for Lois's constitutional rights.

Forget her constitutional rights.


Oh wait, I forgot.

Lois took that away after she exposed him to entire world. So much for trust.

Yeah, that term doesn't mean what you think it means. There's no constitutional right to having your friend not tell your secret. There is however a constitutional right to not be held against your will arbitrarily for prolonged periods of time by government agents.

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@captain13: That's because GL: Lost Army was telling a finite story. The only way that premise could work long-term would be if the Lanterns stayed lost in Relic's home universe forever. Even Cullen Bunn said that Lost Army was going to be a temporary thing.