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Thor vs Superman

Well for starters in the vine we have mostly superman fanboys such as methos, static, and gambler. They don't know anything about thor but they know all about superman. So everybody is you want a fanboy blog go straight to methos if you want the reasons why superman cannot beat thor read this please/

Thor is stronger then superman way more stronger then superman. Reason being thor beat galactus. What happen when superman fought galactus every superman got pimp slapped and knocked out for three pages. Thor has been hit by the one above all and gotten up. That would mean superman would die from that hit. SUPER-STRENGTH: Thor is the strongest pound for pound Superhero in the Marvel Universe. It's true that the Hulk is just as strong as Thor, but he probably weights twice as much. There’re many unparallel feats of Thor’s strength that should be worth mentioning. For instance, A) In Thor-#94- with just a slight pressure from Thor’s little finger he toppled leaning Tower of Pisa; B) in Thor-#95, Thor easily ripped apart the door of a special constructed safe that could resist a Ton (2,000 lbs.) of TNT; C) Thor sculpted a hammer from an Alien Tank by compressing together Tons of the Armor plating-Thor-#281, and tossed a Giant Alien Tank a significant distance as if were just a simple toy-Avengers-#219; D) Thor towed away a broken Jetliner full of passengers by flying it out of the Celestial stronghold in South America-Thor-#284. E) Thor, with his enormous strength, broke through wrap-around cables made of an alloy of Adamantiun-Thor-#309. F) Thor lifted and balanced a 40 plus story Building along with Cranes on top of the Building-Thor-#391; G) Thor towed the Entire Avengers Hydrobase-Avengers-#301, H) Thor with his strength closed a fissure that he created in the Planets crust, and then he proceeded by sealing Loki in it under millions Tons of Earth with the might of his limb-Avengers West Coast-#55; I) Thor sent an Alien with such physical force that he went literally flying through Earth’s Orbit and straight outside our Solar System-JIM-#90; J) Thor lifted the Midgard Serpent which girds the entire Earth and holds the Ocean in place-Thor-#272.

Superman is one of the weakest people ever to hit comics. Superman is so weak they had to make different versions of him ie being superman red. blue, prime, all star, superman, superman one million. There is only one thor and he get get power ups every now and then.

Can some one name one villain of superman that isn't a joke?? Superman has weaker villains then flash. He has to fight doomsdays who throws slow punches and he can't even dodge them. Superman has lost to humans for godsake like batman with a green ring. When thor had no powers he beat captain america superman is so very weak. Hes makes coal into diamond how weak is that?? Look at what thor has done he Crushes Uru shackles to dust. How about JIM 92-Uses his fingers to gouge a Uru hammer out of a boulder of pure Uru. Tell me when superman has ever done anything even close to that?? I don't think he can causes hes one of the weakest heroes ever.

Supermans durability is a joke. Its one of the weakest things anybody could have. Superman gets hurt by bullets by nuke bombs how pathetic is that?? Wanna know what thor takes?? INVULNERABILITY: The following are historical examples of incredibly devastating forces that has been used against Thor. Thor has survived each of these highly Lethal attacks, and most of the time have come out unscathed. A) Thor has been on the receiving end of Zeus and Blitziana's LIGHTNING bolts. B) Thor withstood a barrage of ARTILLARY fire with ease, and a Heat Seeking Missile- see Thor#480, and Thor-#247; C) and in the J. Kirby's days Thor used to test his invulnerability by having a Cobalt Bomb explode next to him. D) Kang’s Dissolution blast to the EXTREME did not fell Thor-Avengers-#143, and in Avengers-#295 Mechanosaurus struck Thor with a Megahertz Artillery fire that would easily destroy any vehicle to pieces- with no visible effect on Thor (Note: even bullets from a powerful sub-machine gun can’t hope to accomplish the same amount of penetration or destruction that could a Megahertz artillery attack by Mechnanosaurus). In Avengers-#5-pg 20- it explicitly stated that nothing, not even an ATOMIC BLAST could injure Thor, or his hammer. E) Thor resisted the full power of the Man from Saturn’s Graviton ray-Thor-#255. F) Thor withstood the Thermal Man's HEAT blast that could melt Tanks instantly, also, Thor was insensitive to the Lava Man's attack- see Avengers #5. In addition, Thor withstood a direct hit by Firelord’s Cosmic Flame with absolutely no dire visible effect on him- Thor-#306, and Ghost Rider’s Flame proved to be totally ineffectual against Thor, as well- Avengers-#214, and when the Planet Ego raised his internal heat temperature to the EXTREME, it had no affect on Thor-See Thor-#133. G) Thor was unaffected by an Alien Freeze Ray-Avengers-#14 (vol.1). H) In terms of indescribable sheer Magical, and Cosmic power, for instance, Thor was just temporarily stunned by Ego’s pulsating energy attack that would, physically, have rendered AN ENTIRE RACE UNCOUNSCIOUS- Thor-#133. In addition, Thor withstood blast by Odin-Thor-#241, by the Celestials-Thor-#300, and by a space Armada-Avengers-Annual#7. However, the three most impressive testimony events that showed Thor's invulnerability, however, was when he, almost, took a direct hit by a Doomsday Bomb that was capable of destroying an entire planet, and soon after that explosion Thor felt from space to a planet called Pangoria-see Thor#387. Also, Thor resisted the weight of Multitude of Planets-Thor Annual-#9, and the Gravity of a Neutron Star-Thor-#282. The other event took place when Thor paid an uninvited visit to ATUM in the Sun's core. If you think that this wasn’t enough, Thor has survive incredible physical punishment by the likes of the Destroyer, Durok, the Mangog, Surtur- Thor-#351, by the Devourer-Marvel Two In One-#23, The Thermal Man, Terminus, the 300,000 ft. tall Rhun god when he swatted Thor aside-Thor#220, and the Celestial- The One Above All- when he not only swatted Thor aside, but did hurled at him unnumbered tons of delicate machinery at him with no significant adverse effect on Thor-See Thor-#288.

Superman cannot fight beings like detroyer, onslaught, walker the death god, thanos, mangog. A hit from any one of those people would kill him instantly know why? Cause superman invulnerability is a joke its durability.

Supermans speed is a joke. Why is he considered so fast?? Gambler says he can fly to the sun and back in eight minutes. Your point?? Thor can travel across the galaxy or universe to distant places in seconds Which sounds better?? Superman can't exceed the speed of light how pathetic. Thor has gone three times the speed of light. Thor has moved as fast as MARVEL lighting anybody know how fast that is?? Marvel lighting moves at 100 million feet per second. So look at it like this if superman can't dodge shazams lighting how can he hope to dodge Thors lighting right?? Supermans reaction time is a joke. Flying at 10 times the speed of though and throwing a hammer three times the speed of light are two different things. For one superman won't be able to dodge a punch going so fast he would probably get knocked out. Two there not flying there freaking fighting so flying at 10x the speed of though will show how fast he would run away from thor.SPEED: A) Thor could throw the hammer at the speed of light. See Thor#140, Thor#274; and, or can swing the hammer at TWICE the speed of light- Journey Into Mystery#102. B) In Thor -#393- it’s established that the speed of Thor’s hammer TRANSCENDS both TIME & SPACE. C) Also, Thor could appear anywhere across the Universe or other dimensions in just seconds (see- FF#339, and Thor#166). D) In addition, Thor could, visually, detect objects that move at fantastic speeds (this happen when Thor was the target of artillery fire- see Invaders#33- and Avengers-#281- when he saw the speedy Hermes). E) In the early issues of Journey Into Mystery, there were instances that Thor used Super-Human speed, physically speaking-that is. However, it’s impossible to measure his speed based on those depictions. However, in Marvel Team-up#26, it gives a slight more accurate description on Thor’s Super-Human speed, and you could make a similar case in Invaders-#33, where Thor (with his hammer) deflected artillery bullets fired at him by moving his ENITRE LEFT ARM at super-Human speed. Specifically, in Marvel Team Up-#26, the writer makes it fundamentally clear that Thor can move almost faster than mere MORTAL eyes can follow, and in Thor-#354, Thor was toying with Hela using speed that according to her was beyond comprehension. Thor stated that he was swift as the very lightning itself. G) Finally, the High Evolutionary using Thor’s DNA, did create a real Super-Speedster in Zefra. Question is, does Thor possess similar potential to that of Zefra due to his own unique DNA? After all, Thor’s DNA is quite different than that of mortals- Avengers-#14 (vol.1)- that’s for the writers to decide in some future date, I guess.

Lastly think about this. Superman has 10 powers compared to the 40+ powers thor has. Thor can pwn superman. He can magnetize him to something hit him with magical lighting. He can hit him with blast so strong it can hurt beings like thanos. Thor can hit him so hard he can it can destroy planets. Superman cannot destroy planets he way to weak. He can push them which is completely useless and shows that hes that weak he'd rather push them then simply destroy them.

Also think about his who has to actually fight a real villain?? Superman can't stop a bomb called the life bomb capable of destroying thousands of galaxies can he?? NO but can do well he actually did. Thor is the better hero. He can do things that would make louis go for a god rather then wanna be. So thee you have it why Thor would smash the pathetic superman that these fanboys think can beat anybody.