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My Top Five Characters

This is a finished list, made post-52.

1. Jason Todd

Before the reboot, he was this funny punk that everyone hated on. And I liked him for that. He was humorous, despite being badly handled by many writers who wanted Jason to act as a bad guy to Nightwing, Batman, Tim Drake..etc. I got interested in him thanks to Under the Red Hood, but when I joined the Hoodie community and found all these cute excerpts and posts of Jason's tenure as Robin, I completely fell in love with the character. He was a smart alec who was always cracking jokes and doing some really brash stuff. But somehow his character got written to be more darker and rebellious and he ended up dying due to a telephone poll. However, in his 'last moment', he still tried to save his mom, the woman who betrayed him, and that really touched me and made me cry a bit(which is awkward as he is fictional).

Now, onto the new DCU, I'm not so sure whether or not I like Jason. I'm still giving him some time to appeal to me. He seems a little sorta...like an overconfident douche, but he's confident for a reason. I just wish that Lobdell would make Jason more humorous, as Jaybird should be.

2. Dead Pool

An entertaining man that any writer would love to write. I like how Dead Pool is so random, messed up and all together hilarious.

3. Wonder Woman

I mainly like Wonder Woman because she's the strongest female comic figure. She embodies a lot of strength. I appreciate DC for putting her into the Trinity and pushing her as one of the top players in DCU, unlike Marvel, which seems to mainly advocate Wolverine, Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Spiderman...and well, mainly guys. I hope to get to know her a bit more through her new 52 series. Hopefully she'll get some time to let the readers know who she really is...up until now she's mainly been this stoic, regal, ass-kicking lady but still hard to relate to. Diana is great for looking up to but not easy to understand. I hope she gets to make some good friends who'll get to know her and let the readers get some insight into her. Maybe she could even get Steve Trever back!

4. Jubilee Lee

Because she used to have awesome firework-like powers that could have actually been pretty powerful has she used them right. She's sorta less awesome as a vampire(which dumbass editor decided to make her a vampire? I want to know what he/she was smoking when they made the decision) but her spunk and bright personality + being an Asian-American teenager like me, really makes me like her.

5. Cassandra Cain

The only well known character in the DC Universe that is usually drawn with a very Asian face(despite being half-asian). She is a character that not only looks like me, but she is also a very strong character in her own right and a superb master at martial arts, which makes her really cool. I'm a little bummed out about how DC seems to not acknowledge her existence in the reboot. I hope she survived.

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