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Kid Champion

Stats: 11/m. 38.5 kg/149 cm

Origins: Made from the combined DNA of the ten most powerful people on Earth.

Operations: International/Space/Hawaii/United States


  • talkative
  • loves eating
  • sporty and a bit competitive
  • friendly
  • empathetic


  • Telekinesis: currently limited to tactile TK, barrier creation and mild remote levitation.
  • Super Strength: 250,000 tons. Est. 770,000 tons when he's full grown.
  • Endurance: Unable to be injured by anything short of a large bomb.
  • Super Speed: Recorded going up to Mach 3.35. Heats up beyond 330°C at high speeds.
  • Flight: Currently flies up to 4,000 meters above sea level