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Hi peeps, Mon I. here from the (still beautiful nation of the) Philippines :D I've been reading a lot of local komiks since forever (Anyone here reading Kikomachine Komiks or Trese?), but recently branched out to international titles as well sometime around the start of 2013. The first issue I've bought is New Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman, and I've been hooked ever since. From monthly trips to my LCS just to get 1 book, my WEEKLY pulls have now grown to about 15-25 titles (thanks to Age of Ultron, Trinity War, Infinity, Villain's Month, Forever Evil, Cataclysm, Zero Year, and the unbelievable amount of too epic for trade-wait Image titles which came out this year). Some of my favorite titles that I'm still following as of today are N52 Animal Man by Jeff Lemire (just got the news about issue #29... really sad, but I'll still be following Buddy even after he moves to JLC), Avengers A.I. (Hail Doombot!), Superior Foes of Spider-Man (If I suddenly go broke and can only follow one $2.99 book, this has got to be it), Superman|Wonderwoman (because we love soap operas here), Ghosted, Lazarus, Velvet, Jupiter's Legacy, and Three, etc.

I'm glad to have found Comic Vine (as it is one of the few websites still not being filtered out at work), and I am a big fan of both podcasts. I hope to get a few reviews out on my spare time, and continue following the superb content here on the vine :D