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Name: Arturia Emina Esaith-Auttenberg

Age: 18

Birthplace: Unknown

Race: Cambion (Succubus/Human halfbreed)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs [Prime - 139 lbs]

Eyes: (Natural) Blue

Hair: Raven


It has been said that demons such as succubi or incubi do not give life through means considered natural to most Earthly beings. Instead they must go through a specialised process requiring the use of human beings or some other race, wittingly or not. In order for this to occur, a succubus acquires a reproductive sample from a male member of the species through sexual intercourse, then passes it on to the incubus, who carries it until eventually passing it on to a female member of a compatible species. That female then carries the child for as long as is typical of that race before giving birth.

Arturia's birth came as part of a four-member contract, an arrangement between two demons and two surrogates. The personal details of all parties are not entirely evident, and Arturia knows little of them, save for what she has glimpsed in dreams. She does know, however, that the human father and the succubus were intended to act as her parents until both were killed in a fire.

The child was born with neither pulse nor breath and remained completely serene except, oddly enough, when she was touched in any way. And though she ceased crying in due time, she had neither pulse or breath until she was seven years old. In spite of this oddity, she was raised believing herself a human being throughout her earliest years. She lived with a surrogate parent for many years before what she refers to as "a falling out." However, the fact that she rarely speaks of them at all lends to the idea that what drove her away was more serious than she let on.

A large portion of her life thus was spent as a vagabond; it's still her preferred lifestyle, though she has spent notable periods of time under various mentors and companions.

"The Twins"

There are two girls who go by the name "Arturia Emina Esaith-Auttenberg." Both are visually identical in nearly every way, save for the fact that one is leaner and more muscular (except in the instance of body shifting). Their histories are identical (to a point) and they are the exact same person. The leaner, more physically able Arturia hails from a different universe entirely. Her experiences include living and learning under many mentors including powerful sorceresses, demons, and even an intergalactic marine and a Godslayer. It's no wonder, then, that although the same person at her core, she may be colder, more violent and more cruel than her native (CVnU) counterpart. She is also not only more physically capable, but more learned and practised in magic and her abilities.

Additionally, the native Arturia spent an undisclosed amount of time in the captivity of the Magitek company in Japan under forced experimentation to learn more about the nature of her being. For this she still harbors great resentment for the company, its parent, and corporations in general. [And not to mention a natural distrust of other people developed from an early age.]

The official story, for the few who are openly exposed to both at once, is that they are twins. Others are typically exposed only to one at a time, subject to dual-scrutiny without knowing.


  • As a succubus, Arturia is as much biological as she is a spiritual being.
  • In general she would appear completely normal, as a human, even to most concerted means of detection.
  • Because of her bloodline, Arturia is capable of using magic and possesses far more potential than the average user. However, just as well, much of what she can do [e.g. flight, teleportation/portals, enthralling/charming shape-shifting] is not inherently magical.
  • In the same vein, in spite of her nature (and what she herself may believe), there is nothing inherently "evil" about her; spells for detecting evil creatures or intent simply don't work.


Empathy - Arturia was born with the ability to intuitively read the emotions of others. Inadvertently, she also seems to project her own emotions, which usually manifest themselves through her eyes. [Noted: Arturia (Prime) has learned to control this to avoid broadcasting her feelings and being read; Arturia (CVnU) has not.] It isn't uncommon for her to empathetically feel the emotions of others in the area as well, an effect which she has not fully learned to control and which may lead to danger when contracting volatile emotions such as anger.

At times it may seem as if she feeds from certain emotions, strengthening herself, her abilities and her magics. The more intense the feeling, the more she can use it. Those such as hate or passion almost always work best, as they are almost always the most intense.

A two-way ability, practise has taught Arturia to also use her ability to project emotions onto others as well. If the empathic content is plentiful or potent enough within a given area, Arturia could forge it into a debilitating curse directed at a person or persons in the area, causing various effects from debilitating illness, reduced physical capability, or others as well. It could be expected that she might also be able to heal others, though this has never been attempted.

Psionic - Arturia has shown an aptitude for psionic abilities. Although not much in the way of a practised user, she has been able to find success in practical uses, such as in combat, and houses untapped potential there as well. Most often, the twins use telepathy to link themselves, communicate and stay synchronized. Telekinesis likewise is not uncommon, and what she lacks in raw power she more than makes up for in creativity. Other uses are not as common, but likely not outside of her range.

Magus - Both Arturia's surrogate father and mother were magi, and her other parents were demons. With these, Arturia herself was born with rich magic potential. Some spells come with relative ease, but more complex or powerful spells usually require time or spoken words and are more taxing. Extensive magic use not only puts her at risk for the usual drain, but also puts her life in danger, as she draws from the pool that sustains her very life. Arturia is most powerful on the night of a new moon, or during a solar eclipse, peaking at the exact moment of the eclipse, her power roughly four times that of her usual. She is weakest on the night of the full moon or during a lunar eclipse, seeing her her power cut to less than half of itself compared to any normal day.

Arturia (Prime) is more experienced with magic and is able to perform more powerful and complex feats than her native counterpart. She was self-taught for many years, surviving with what she could steal or otherwise what she could get others to buy for her. Trained within the Nakamura Empire in her universe, she was made head of an elite team of summoners, lending itself to some interpretation of where her skills lie. She does not, however, consider herself exclusively a summoner; her skills are eclectic, reflecting her diverse background.

Flight - There is a set of small, black wings that usually rest, folded tight around her body underneath her clothes. Through shape-shifting she could likely make these vanish completely, and she could probably "fly" by telekinetically lifting herself.

Claws/tail - Her nails are actually claws; strong enough to cut through iron like butter and cleaving steel with not much more effort, they can extend to an undetermined length and are capable of turning angles and pressing loops. It's also possible for Arturia to use these as a whip, giving her nails a flaccid, loose appearance while maintaining all of their power, hardness and sharpness. She also has a deadly tail, likewise concealed, with a pointed tip capable of piercing high grade steel.

Teleportation - The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between. In other words, Arturia can instantly transport herself to any location she can picture in her head. This can be used for singular teleportation or she can transport others along with her. For larger groups, or to transport another without going along herself, she can open portals for instant transmission. These portals often appear as a haze of violet and black, mist-like in their appearance. This is not always the case, however. Arturia is fond of using these for offensive purposes.

Enchanting/possession - Succubi are well-noted for their ability to enthral others, allowing them direct control over the actions of others. Also not a magical effect, its influence or persons enthralled aren't specially detectable by magical sensors, nor are these effects purely physiological. Often, Arturia need not consciously "activate" anything within her mind to achieve this, sometimes affecting others unwittingly. While a mental link is possible, a connection is not automatic and Arturia may not automatically gain direct access to the thoughts of a person under her influence. Enthralling is noted to work on others independent of telepathic defences, though it is possible to resist the effect. It isn't unheard of for thralls to resist commands even after being affected, though once she has actually secured control of a person this is notably more difficult.

Possession is different, and involves Arturia's soul personally departing her body to occupy another for a period of time. It should be noted that while she can perceive/interact with the Astral Plane and other dimensions, she is still intrinsically tied to the same physical plane and dimension as most normal people. [Less applicable to Arturia (Prime).] When interacting with these other phases, the spirit most commonly exits her body and she must still be careful not to leave the idle body defenseless.

A strong enough will can resist a possession, and after a certain amount of (variable) time, she will begin to lose control; suspected because of the dual factor of two spirits residing in a body at once, and a weakening of her own spirit after being outside of her physical form for an extended period of time. Possession would grant her use of another person's abilities as well, but not necessarily their knowledge. However, she may be able to discern through alternative means.

Life Drain - Succubi are likewise well-known for draining the life-force of victims through sexual contact of any kind. Some have been noted to feed from any kind of contact, as long as the person's energy itself is under the influence of desire. This is not an effect she can turn off at will, no matter how much she may focus or try. Beyond a physical effect, as the life-sustaining energy, or soul, is the primary facet of direct danger - not the body - even those with advanced healing abilities may succumb to these effects.

ESP/The Dreaming - Although tethered to the physical plane, Arturia can readily sense supernatural presences and see spirits. She has directly interacted with the Astral Plane on more than one occasion, though entering this sphere is not necessary for the simple act of perceiving. Extrasensory perception through her psionic abilities also allows her also to detect persons, objects, and pathways not otherwise perceptible.

What Arturia refers to as "The Dreaming" is not an ability in the most rudimentary sense. It isn't something she typically does of her own accord. While she can at times utilize a certain trance-like state to induce it, most times it just happens. In cases such as these, she can't turn it off.

When acting on her own power, Arturia can also synchronize with the minds of others and, when sleeping, she is able to sneak into their dreams and interact with them. This can be a way of passing messages in an indirect manner, or a means of offense. When under these effects, a person killed within a dream will actually die; Arturia herself claims when she kills someone in this manner, their spirit is forever her servant. None can confirm or deny this. Special totems, such as a genuine dreamcatcher made by a knowledgeable shaman and imbued with the proper elements, could prove a hindrance for the young demon, in varying degrees.

"Enhanced" Physiology - By human standards, Arturia would be considered to boast a degree of superhuman strength and speed, and to possess enhanced sensory function. Without the use of telekinesis or magics to bolster her abilities, she would come as a low level superhuman in both, but has at times shown herself capable of easily overpowering a full-grown, military-trained man when fully fed. Like all else, her physical capabilities decline as her energy does.

Shape-shifting - At will Arturia can change her physical form to match any that she can think of, or alter her features in ways to shape any certain kind of appearance she should wish. Because her spirit is not concretely defined, and this is a pure physical change (as opposed to, for example, an illusion spell or a simple charm placed on herself to fool others), she retains these appearances even under extreme duress, while unconscious, and would appear even so if spied through the use of sighting charms or powers.

Despite her appearances and temperament, Arturia is still a demon. And while not necessarily "evil," there are parts of her nature that can be considered unruly or chaotic; just as a dog with significantly dominant wolf genes may be more wild or aggressive, physically and temperamentally than generationally bred home-dogs, Arturia is the same for humans. In addition, it's possible for her mind to slip into that state in a more extreme manner of speaking. She thus enters a trance-like state, beholden to baser emotions and desires. Physically, her strength, speed, senses and stamina are improved, as is the strength of her powers and magic. However, this comes with a lofty prana cost and can only be maintained for a short time before Arturia burns out. Soon afterwards she may require urgent care and face a pressing need to feed.

Immortality - Almost. When fully fed, she heals from most scrapes and cuts within seconds. Even some open wounds such as a slit throat or wrist may be rendered innocuous just the same. More severe wounds, such as impaling or missing limbs, may take longer, depending on the severity and if she feeds or her body is well near satiety; however these wounds are likewise no real threat. The only sure way to kill her is to starve her and destroy her heart.


Fire - Arturia is extremely sensitive to fire. Close proximity to intense flame (in tandem with mental pressure accompanying treacherous situations) may leave her feeling physically weak, unbalanced, light-headed, pained. Likewise this has been at times known to disrupt her ability to think straight or use her powers and magic effectively.

Hunger - Arturia must feed on life regularly. If she goes too long without feeding, it shows in her movements and appearance. It means feeling weak, skin and hair will become more lifeless and dull; she becomes sluggish, less nimble and more susceptible to harm; abrasions and punctures won't heal nearly as quickly if she is starved, and if run completely empty, she would die. Though she has a natural affinity for magic because of her lineage, Arturia's od is constantly depleting itself, and she must replenish it through feeding or by other means.

Banishing - So long as her physical body remains intact, proper banishing wouldn't kill her, but it would quickly drain her of her energy as long as she remained in the vicinity, and would prevent her from entering an area without consequence, unless a proper counter-ritual were performed.


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A jeweled dagger, the blade composed of diamond, this belongs to the girl who ventured away from her home universe. A gift from Park, Arturia has used magic to alter the knife from it's original form to what it is now. In its current form it shines a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colors when held, the vibrancy of these colors shifting with use.

Above all else, it is useful for channelling energies, usually magical energies, for offensive magics or to simply amplify power for and effects of spells or rituals. Like a sort of solar battery (though operating independently of solar energy), the dagger draws in ambient energies of many kinds, even when idle, storing them in turn for the dagger's next use. Thus, the longer the wait between uses, the more powerful its effects, and the effects channelled through it, will be.


Michael - Design/Appearance
Michael - Design/Appearance

Likewise a possession of the universal outsider, Michael is a blade Arturia forged herself.

When she first met Ravek Val'Chan, Arturia had no real fighting experience and loathed the idea of toiling at any physical task herself. Initially drawn by a schoolgirl crush (unrequited) on the spacefaring warrior, she was taken away to his empire for training in combat and competence - one of many experiences which began to harden her, and one of many which the twins do not share. Arturia crafted the sword herself at the end of her training with Ravek, using mostly scrap, and christened it Michael, named so for the archangel said to lead God's armies during the war in Heaven.

Arturia crafted Michael using a combination of knowledge and skills gained while earning from the Keresh and her own prior knowledge of the mystical arts. In addition to the spare parts used in its creation, notable among them a shotgun she deconstructed, she was granted use of Keresh materials as she desired. Its blade and some integral parts are composed of what is called "Keresh steel," the strongest metal offered by the Keresh. Roughly equivalent to an alloy of vibranium and adamantium all its own, Arturia has taken steps to enhance the blade in both durability and cutting edge.

Likewise specially crafted, Michael is accompanied by a pressurized sheath with a release trigger. When used appropriately and with the proper timing, this allows for increased speed and force when swinging from the draw, allowing her to take enemies by surprise, preempting even the attacks of much faster opponents, and at the very least taking most by surprise.

Michael also has a chain made of modified Keresh steel attached to the sword and, at most times, the scabbard as well (though it may detach here). Its initial form was a mere 15 inches long, but among her modifications Arturia lengthened this chain. It no longer has a specified length, now operating most likely by necessity. The chain is extensible, and its length and activity seems to operate intuitively as Arturia needs. Some have suspected sorcery; in line with this theory, because this effect is achieved with no verbal command or visible physical trigger or length determinant, some would suggest the sword has a sentience all its own and works in tandem with the girl.

Trigger system
Trigger system

Among its features is also a trigger attached to the scabbard, which launches the blade much like a ballistic knife. The attached chain maintains its connection to both, allowing the weapon to return to Arturia as well as offering increased versatility of use. The hilt itself is capable of storing a magazine, akin to that of a shotgun, with a maximum ammo capacity of twelve shell-like cartridges; a second trigger connected to a ballistic mechanism serves to increase the force of a swing and cut at the expense of a shell. If all shells are used and the magazine is empty, it sends a shockwave through the sword, still allowing it to alter her attacks, as well as disrupting an opponent locking weapons with Michael. Three mekugi-ana are drilled near the tip to make slashing attacks more efficient and serve to break a vacuum caused around the blade by its embedding in an object or person, thus making removal easier.

A little-known fact, each life taken by the sword, according to Arturia, adds to the sword's own strength and that of its rightful wielder; additionally, the soul would then belong to her. Servants in the afterlife, a special effect on the sword, or some other meaning, this has not seen much elaboration.


[Precise details being worked out; RP veterans likely know Slake, somewhat.]