Alright, I know a lot of people may not know about Soul Reapers and Hollows powers, but here is a quick break down for you all. Kido- Spells for binding, attacking (be it fireballs, ice, or darkness spells.) Usually spoken, but can be cast using only the hands. Zanpakuto- a sword that reflects the weilder's spirit. Battosai starts as a katana with a ruby colored blood groove, and evolves two time. First release. Man slayer. A huge sword that is ten feel long and has a head chopper's groove near the handle. Second release (Bankai). Battosai Unleashed and Shadow of Man. The sword becomes two swords, one (Shadow of Man) is a blade war machette (about four feet long, has a flat blade and back, and a hand guard that covers his knuckles. The other (Battosai Unleashed) is a really thick katana that has a red blade and can drain an adversaries blood if thrust through them. Soul reapers can use Flash Step (a technique where the user is movig faster than the human eye can see), he can condense the spirit powers around his feet so that he can walk on air or levitate, and can heal himself after battles if he has the time to perform the right Kidos. Since his swords are made of the embodiment of his spirit powers they are not made of metal (think like Psylocke, but they appear to look like normal swords.)

Also I refer to the two swords a lot as Himura and Battosai in their Bankai forms. It is because of Zaraki's final attack where the two swords split his personality into two people.

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