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Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.
Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

Name: Niccolo_Machiavelli

Alias: Mercurial Machiavelli ,Spaghetti eating f*ck , Florentine noble, Nicco.

Height: 6'4"

Age: Actual age 113 - But through the Machiavelli realm he is 41

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Human

Family -

Father - dante_machiavelli ( Currently dead ) age 163

Half Brother - marco_machiavelli ( Alive )

Son - william_machiavelli ( Alive )

Distant Cousin's - deon_machiavelli ( Alive ) , morevna_machiavelli ( Alive )

The Machiavelli family history

The Book of Dante
The Book of Dante

This book, created by Dante_Machiavelli was made to entail the entire history of the other records exist.

Prologue -

To be written

Chapter one -

To be written

Chapter Two -

To be written

Chapter Three - Dante_Machiavelli -

To be written

Chapter four - Niccolo Machiavelli -

To be written....

The Machiavelli Realm

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Created by dante_machiavelli sometime in the 1800's through magical means, this location is a separate "world" or "realm" in which it is only accessible to the members of the Machiavelli family who have pure blood and match an exact DNA sequence. The realm, does not actually have a "standard" look rather whatever the person wants it creates leading too an amazing display of feats and training sequences. However, the main and agreed upon building which was permanently implanted into the realm was this......Machiavelli Castle. Impossible to ever "think" out of existence as it is now a permanent structure inside of the realm.

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Being home to many Machiavelli it is actually unknown who or how many live here, Dante and Niccolo have both spent time here, so have some cousins. The extraordinary effects of this realm mean when you are inside of the realm, TIME and AGEING does NOT effect you. Meaning Niccolo is in his hundreds, being born in 1900 but for the time he spends outside of the realm, he looks 41. For safety reasons, all children up-to the age of 25 are NOT allowed inside of the realm or else they would stay a baby forever.

Personality and Trivia

There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless - Everybody is one of these but only the man with true intelligence can distinguish what type the possess. However the age old saying "it is a wise man who knows that he knows nothing" is wrong - That applies to brains that cannot rival that of Niccolo_Machiavelli...

Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others.

Mastering and being possibly the most gifted on the planet in many subjects that simply turned the normal and even gifted mind insane, he was an expert in numerous subjects , including but not limited too - Italian and world history, politics, diplomatic affairs, philosophy , humanism and writer, highly adept athletic abilities, Mastery of the arcane arts, mathematical genius and scientifically at a higher standard than Einstein he was possibly the pinnacle example of seemingly perfect human.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Possibly highly confusing to some Niccolo is highly dyslexia however this has come to bare him a gift of no other, the gift of imagination. His brain works in such a way that he processes information on a multi-dimensional scale so he is able to think about more than one thing at a time and in ways that would astound and blow away modern "geniuses". A unique gift to the dyslexic community and specifically him as he has masted this is the ability to think in pictures and actually create 3D models in his mind showing immense brain power and even more impressive it shows an understanding and the perfection he has trained his own thoughts to become. He can literally think a whole 3D model with blue-prints. He can carry out thought processes like a computer with this amazing ability and for example create a mental image of a phone, break it down in his mind and learn how everything works before putting it back together. This is all done with simple mental precision - Not anything that a human cannot achieve without dedication practice and a slight biological gifted mind.

If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.

Flawless is the only way to describe how this exemplar of a man moved during combat, possessing no super-human powers he is so adept in combat with speeds and perfect precise and practiced moves that had been honed and performed countless times in practice and in actuality, he could and regularly does cripple, annihilate and confuse even members of the human race who are superior to him biologically through his skil and crippling understanding of how to use his God gifted body in a way that made him short of any other word - unblemished in the art of combat. Peerless in his unfounded, mind disrupting skill as a normal human who can defeat the strongest Meta-Humans he had a very big self-awareness and routinely defeated even the best just to prove a point.

Too have defeated an enemy twice shows a failure to kill them the first.

Taking a mastery of the human body was not only for intellectual purposes. Niccolo rarely ever fights to injure an opponent in fact he strives to kill them with each strike, each being a perfectly executed lethal attack to an opponents weak-spot wherever that may be relative to his current target. Why injure an enemy when you can kill them outright and stop any future retaliations? When committed to combat this man dedicates is possibly the deadliest normal man who does not posses powers that has ever existed. He can easily and occasional does out-perform people on a superhuman level but sheer physical and mental perfection coupled with an immense amount of training from a ridiculously young age.

Lama supremo - Blade Supreme - Personally made Martial Art

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To be updated.....


"Dangerously sophisticated Hidden blade coupled with a hidden dagger"

Created just after his 14th birthday the original prototype was made from a simple metal sheath and leather vambrace until he actually made a working model at age 20.

Activated by a simple yet effective flick of the wrist that had to be performed in a special way to avoid accidental withdraw, it fires from a special sheath almost instantly.

The special blade is made out of highest grade steel tipped with a diamond point to create maximum penetration power, the sides are also lined with a diamond edge to be sharper than razor-blades.

The blades are almost indestructible beacuse of an enchantment placed upon them years ago meaning they can self-repair. Now Niccolo rarely uses his mastery of the Arcane Arts however he made an exception to this as he has fond memories and would hate for it to be damaged. Once withdrawn ( dual, he has on both wrists if need-be ) He can removed the knives stylishly and quickly to use as a dagger type weapon.

The Daggers can be tipped with substances that can cause delusions, mental breakdown and simply death if he needs to defeat an opponent quickly without any hassle or they are stronger than the average man.

Other weapons -

  • Specially crafted bombs
  • Throwing Knives
  • Wrist gun

His attire is possibly the most expensive any man dons, costing over 1 million Dollars it was bought with the finest materials and each scientifically made to perform a specific purpose and help make him the most deadly and sophisticated killer the world has ever known.

Made of a special materiel this suit is virtually heat resistance to an extreme degree. It can withstand most flames without even changing color and the excessively amazing suit can even absorb heat from an attack and simply dissipate the energy into the air rendering heat harmless to this man. This also works on the polar opposite meaning all cold is resisted on an atomic level and simply dissipated into the air meaning it does not effect the owner of the outfit unless an abnormal amount of heat is used against the attire.

Mimicking the "dragon scale" Armour that US Military nearly adopted, this-time into a weaved pattern that goes down to to very fibers of the attire. This suit can withstand cuts and gun-shots to an degree that renders them all but useless. The fibers of this suit are weaved into a dragon-scale like defense made out of the highest quality Kevlar and a special fabric-like metal that is stronger than high grade titanium for full flexibility and defense while keeping light-weight and agile.It can take away the vibrations from the gunshots and send them towards the ground taking away the energy and leaving the owner unharmed - Making conventional Kevlar defenses look like a simple outfit. This suit is also highly capable of absorbing the impact from blunt force and helping ease a blow.

His intricate suit was made out of a special material as to make any sounds that came from his body obsolete rendering all heart-beats and other functions non-existent to anybody with heightened senses. His boots were lined with a special layer of an undisclosed material that also rendered all sounds undetectable to even the Meta-Humans with the most finely tuned ears upon contact with the ground. The properties of this suit makes him undetectable against infrared cameras beacuse of the heat shielding properties.

His hood has been magically altered to defend against attacks that will attempt to infiltrate his mind with telepathic intrusions, this can only defend against intermediate attacks when hooded as it has been "drenched" in mystical defenses that make a type of metaphysical barrier between his mind and any intrusion attempts however this is not the best defense, simply a precaution until his own mental power can over-come most attempted incursions into his mind.

His vambrace's are made out of the highest grade leather possible, however this leather had been altered at a microscopic level to actually out-perform the highest quality steel while retaining its light-weight properties. It can and has easily blocked sword slashes, bullets and other items that would go completely through conventional hardened leather. However it HAS been coated in a small yet visible layer of corrupted vibranium ( even his family could not find real vibranium ) to absorb even more impact and make it stronger. However this corrupt form is not indestructible like its real counter-part.

The Machiavelli Mask

The Court of Arcani Attire
The Court of Arcani Attire

To be updated...

KAANKH: The Shell of Life

The whole art of war consists of guessing at what is on the other side of the hill.

Virtually all forms of life send information by transferring energy. Typically in humans by the electrical impulses of the nerves. These systems are not isolated. On the surface level tiny clues, facial tics, tells, or micro expressions are linked to the overall motions of the body. On a deeper level the thermodynamic systems are linked in intractable bonds. Kaankh is the study of the 'shell' of life, the changes in the surface that grant insight into the currents underneath to portray an immense understanding and an almost precognitive view into the way people will move, defend and attack granting the bearer of this ability a very good advantage in battle.

Passed down to him through the generations Niccolo has found himself at the rank of Master within the Court of Arcani regarding the KAANKH training, something that suits his personality perfectly.

The master has internalized Kaankh to such a degree that they read microscopic tells intuitively. They might walk through a crowd and deduct the true feelings ever every person within eyesight. They can predict the next words in a sentence by the tone of the voice and tension in the forehead.

In combat the master can read any number of foes, regardless of skill, like a book. The minute of angle of a joint might reveal an entire combination of attacks, while the tension in a calf informed the master of his or her foes injuries. The master is capable of using this skill offensively as well, by reading his foes body language in the midst of a combination and adjusting to bypass the nextdefensive technique.

Personal and RP History

The Arcane of Time Part One

The Arcane of Time Part Two

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