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Character Name: Ashley (Prefers to be called Emerald)

Human Age: 44

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Personality: Ashley has a very authoritative attitude that instantly makes her stand out in a crowded room.


Sound Manipulation- Ashley is a complete master of all the sound arts.

Electricity Control

Phasing- Ashley can phase through anything or anybody.

Healing Factor- Ashley's healing factor can heal, any damage or blows taken. She can even recover from a death blow, as long as her head is still attached.

Telepathic Immunity. Ashley's presence nullifies telepathic instrusions on herself.


The Ninja Shuriken is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was used by the Ninja. Shuriken are typically known as throwing stars or Ninja stars. Ashley can throw up to 10 of these babies within 5 seconds.

Ashley's Ninjato

is the Ninja's sword. This sword was used by the Ashley for close range combat because it was able to be withdraw faster than a Katana and could move faster, with greater maneuverability in close quarters. the Ninja Sword had a straight blade unlike the Katana. It was usually made of poor quality as it was only a quick tool to stab or render the opponent's movements in battle.

Ashley's Yumi

Yumi is the Japanese term for a Bow and in the case of the Ninja it was generally a long Bow. The Yumi Bow was usually around 2 meters tall, making it very large and usually was bigger than the archer. It was made from laminated bamboo, wood and leather and was a traditional technique that didnt change for many centuries. The modern day Yumi is practically identical to the Yumi of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Ashley's Kusarigama

Ashley can use her Kusarigama to disarm a foe or dismember a foe, taking a shot from the Kusarigama could inflict brain damage on a foe.

Ashley's Caltrop

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Caltrop are small spikes used by Ninja to puncture the soles of beast or mens feet when pursuing or advancing on a person or position. The Ninja made a caltrop using a tetrahedron shape, which means it has a point facing upwards which ever way it lands on a flat surface. This shape also made them able to fold into one another a create a small stack of them. This effectively made it useful for a Ninja to throw a bunch of them onto the ground, whereby they would break apart from their stack and scatter across the ground, impeding followers. By doing this the Ninja was able to use these moments to eit

The Ninja Shikomizue

is the japanese word for prepared cane or staff sword and is a type of Scabbard that acts as a cane or walking stick but inside is hidden sword/s.

The Shikomizue was one of the Ninja's best weapons because of its inherent stealth. The word Shikomizue literally means "prepared cane", meaning a sword stick. This sword was made to be concealed in a walking stick or cane. The blade was usually short and depending on the curve of the cane, either straight or slightly curved. Two swords could sometimes be contained in one stick and usually only one side of the blade was sharpened, like traditional Japanese swords.

Ashley's Fukiya

was the Ninja's blowgun and is the term associated with the sport. It usually measures around 1.2 meters long and shoots darts of around 20 centimeters although the Ninja Fukiya was usually shorter, measuring around 50 centimeters long and thus smaller darts. This shortening of the length would mean range was affected, so likely the Ninja would have to make use of poisons ,applied to the tip of the darts, in order to incapacitate their victum. The Ninja would make a seal with their lips over one end of the hollow shaft, usually made from bambo or other wooden material. Because of the shorter range it has been said that the Fukiya was used as a distraction, similar to shuriken. In application a Ninja would not have enough time to "reload" the pipe with another dart once the first was released, making this theory seem legitemit.

Ashley's Kaginawa

The Ninja Kaginawa or grappling hook is a device ninja's used to climb walls, swing between balconies or to hook and pull things. The Ninja Kaginawa is a combination of kagi, which means hook, and nawa, which means rope, in Japanese.

Ashley's Manriki

The Ninja Manriki was generally used as a immobilising weapon with its most common use, thrown at an enemies ankles to bind their legs together. It was also used to disarm sword or pole wielding assailants by throwing it at them where it would wrap around and either bind their arms or break bones. It could be useful as a flail type weapon, whereby swinging it and striking an assailant would cause great harm.

Ashley's Black Eggs

The Black Egg is a combination of crushed glass and red peppers, as the egg is tossed it explodes in the face of the attacker and releases a blinding combination of glass and pepper. The Glass can severely damage the eye cornonia. This allows Ashley to exit without being seen, and allows for a surprise attack.

The Weston Capsule System.

Having as many items as she does, Samantha Weston; created a way for Ashley to carry all her weapons and not be weighed down by her items. Each item has been digitally placed inside a capsule. Ashley can use any of her capsules, at will.

There is also an capsule for an invisible wall, Ashley can use this to prevent movement.

Weaknesses: Ashley isn’t strong at all; most blows knock her completely off her feet, instead of a direct approach she usually takes a stealth route.

The Braveharts

Ashley and the Braveharts
Ashley and the Braveharts

The Order emerged in the United States in the early 1850’s; but has roots dating back to the 17 century in Great Britain. The Earliest members of the Brave harts were abolitionist; they worked to free as many slaves from the south as possible, the most notorious being John Brown and Nat Turner.

At the turn of the century it was found that the Red Cardinals, whom once fought on the side of the just, had sold their services to the elusive Weston Family. In an attempt to keep pace the Brave-Harts indirectly combated the efforts of the Cardinals by placing key officials in the justice system to stop Cardinal progress.

Wesley Weston II placed Ziccarra Liafador in charge of the Cardinals; Z implanted many sleeper agents inside the Brave-Harts which she then notified some of the, grunt Cardinals working in mafia’s Al Capone; a well-known Cardinal dealt the biggest blow to the Brave-Harts with the St. Valentine’s day massacre.

MLK, JFK, were honorary Brave-Hearts, The Cardinals then assassinated them; Wesley Weston III took over and established supreme Cardinal dominance over North America and Europe.

The Wenshire Catacombs pose as the burial site for many of the Braveharts and is the home for many clans of the order.

Samantha Weston, found the Catacombs and decided to resurge the Brave-Harts to help fight against her brother and the Cardinals. Some of her first initiates were Thomas, Simon and Xavier; men who mastered a form of espionage, tech savvy and or weaponry.

Ashley Moorland was added, because of her ability to move without sound and for her extremely flexible capabilities.

The women of the Braveharts were added mainly for the purpose of their beauty, in most operations the most beautiful woman in the room is some sort of spy; this leaves it completely open for the male counterparts to do their job.

Despite the close relationships, publically the male and female bounty hunters are never seen together.

Braveharts are forbidden from killing the innocent, also to be a Braveharts one must be deemed “Deceased” by the public.

Ashley "Emerald" Mooreland

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Ashley was born in Union City, New Jersey to Amina Akerman (The Modern Day Heir to the Benin Empire) and Abraham Akerman. Official New Jersey State documents show that her last name was legally changed to “Mooreland” shortly after her birth. The name “Mooreland” being the name her grandmother (On her mother’s side) chose.

At a young age Ashley participated in a number of beauty pageants along with her biracial sister Sareiya. It was discovered early on that she possessed the X-gene allowing her to control and manipulate sound. Initially Ashley’s parents tried to suppress her abilities, but when Ashley’s secondary ability kicked in (Phasing) her parents embraced the change and thought it was better if Ashley tried to master her abilities rather than suppress them.

Most of Ashley’s development was attributed to her mother, Amina treated both of her daughters with love and respect. Abraham treated Ashley as a stepchild, even though he was her birth father. He favored Sareiya because her fair skin complexion, he believed she stood a better chance than Ashley at making it into the corporate world.

When Sareiya turned 10, Abraham threw her a massive hotel party in downtown Union Plaza. Amina instructed her girls to take a picture together, when Abraham pulled Ashley from the photo. Having been fed up with her father and his ways, Ashley ran away.

After leaving Sareiya with a family member both Abraham and Amina pursued their fleeing daughter into the city, they would never get to see either of their children again as a white van purposely crashed into them killing them both. Ashley never returned to see her parents nor did she care to see her youngest sister again. Ashley by birthright was technically the Princess of the people of Benin) At the age of 13, Ashley was declared legally dead, she was found by Samantha Weston and brought in by the Braveheart Order.


Emerald Mooreland
Emerald Mooreland

Ashley moved to London with Samantha Weston as her “guardian” despite being a run away Samantha treated Ashley as if she were her own child. To get Ashley enrolled into school, she was renamed “Emerald”. Initially Ashley and Samantha clashed, Ashley’s history with her father tarnished her perspective of white people as a whole, because of it Ashley saw Samantha as a threat and very seldom trusted her with information.