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Invincible Iron Man #33 review 1

Wow, I really enjoyed this one. Lately, I haven't been enjoying Matt Fraction's writing but i must say that this was an amazing way to finish off the stark resilient story line. This story basically fills in all the missing pieces of the previous issues and actually almost makes up for the long and dragged out story arc. I felt as if this issue showcased Fraction's ability of witty writing and humorous dialogue. The whole idea of the repulsor powered car was very interesting even though I felt a...

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Extremis review 3

Extremis is a great jump on point for people just starting to get into Iron Man. This story basically introduces tony into the 21st century with a huge armor upgrade. This story features good characters such as Maya Hansen, Sal Kennedy, and Mallen. The story starts with Tony at an interview giving the readers a good perspective of how he feels about people disliking him and his mistakes of the past. Mallen on the other hand obtained a serum called extremis that enhances all functions of the huma...

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Civil War review 0

Civil War.... one of the best marvel events of all time. Civil War will take you for an action packed, emotional, and extremlely fun ride. The plot of civil war is for all superheroes to registrate themselves and basically become workers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark decides that he is pro registration along with his fellow genius, reed richards. Captain America refuses to turn himself in and becomes the leader of the heroes that are against registration. One of the things i love about this story i...

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The Killing Joke review 0

This comic really reminded me of why Alan Moore is one of the most beloved comic book writers of all time. As we all know, there is many origin stories of the joker. Out of all of those origins I honestly think this is the most interesting and well thought out origin. Joker is one messed up guy, he shoots Barbara, strips her, and then takes photographs of it. The motive behind it is to drive commissioner gordon insane. Joker wants to prove that all it takes is one bad day to drive the most sanes...

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Dragon Seed Saga review 0

I'm gonna start out with saying that I think this story is extremely underrated. This is the first story arc that gave true depth to Mandarin's character making him worthy of being Tony's biggest threat and nemesis. For those of you who haven't read it I will try to give a good plot summary without spoiling the story. Tony has to travel to china for an appointment with the most famous neurologist in the world Dr. Su Yin. As most of you know Tony's central nervous system completely shut down forc...

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Iron Man Haunted review 0

Probably my favorite story arc since extremis. This story has alot of great things in it. It takes us on an emotional ride of Tony struggling to find out he is again. It gives another layer to tony's character. The plot is very good, its about mysterious murders around the United States and "death" of Maya Hansen. The way they incorporated the Mandarin was great. It was possibly my favorite portrayal of him. The rings surgically got infused to his spine and he set out on a mission to make the we...

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Invincible Iron Man #32 review 0

This is one of the few comics of the stark resilient stroyline that i thought was good. I feel as if fraction set this fight up a couple comics back so it shows you that he's planning head which gives me hope for the future storylines. I thought it was very well paced and the set up was very good. One problem i have though is that I feel like detroit steel's character is extremely under developed. I thought the drones being controlled by unsuspected mobile gamers was very witty and cool. I also ...

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Armor Wars review 0

This is one of the most beloved iron man stories of all time so why not write a review. Armor wars is a story about Tony going on a quest to recover his stolen armor before it causes the very people he tries to protect harm. There is an amazing variety of villains in this story such as the controller, stingray, stilt man, the beatle, crimson dynamo, titanium man, and last but not least... firepower. The large villain roster in this story means lots of action and memorable fights. This story real...

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Iron Man #200 review 0

Before I start this i just wanna say that this might be my favorite Iron Man comic of all time. Tony had given up on life... he lost his company to Obadiah, he had his best friend Jim rhodes take up the role of iron man, he was living on the streets, and he was in a battle with his worst enemy, alcohol. Obadiah had tortured tony and made his life a living hell. He was even scared to be iron man. This comic made tony a hero in his own way, he confronted all his demons and his mistakes. Tony was t...

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Iron Age #1 review 2

I was really impressed with this. The concept of this story arc is a really good idea. The comic starts out with tony going back into the past and of course the first thing he runs into is himself from the late 70's (at least that's what Im assuming because he mentioned that rhodey was out being iron man) The past tony gives the new tony his armor and flies over to the avengers mansion to ask for help because doctor doom has created a time portal and he's trying to bring dark phoenix to the pres...

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