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Otengam! 0

Hmm...seriously? I started reading this. Suddenly, I lost an interest in this because of art. I decided to ingore the art. Then I decided to look at how writing goes with the build-in story. No, it is not an excellent story in this issue. The Good: At least the name of MAgento on the cover is excellent! The Bad: from the inside of the comic, what kind of that are art and writing retard?Verdict: Do not buy this for real. ...

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Battle Chasers V 0

Things goes worse for the Battle Chasers as they face the death and life threatening when it comes to objects and weapons. Calibretto! The good: Always Joe Madureira, Munier Sharrief, and Tom McWeeney are working a wonderful teamwork on this issue! The bad: Forget the mistake. The Verdict: I bought, kept, and never sold it. And you better be purchasing it with you blessing heart, mind, and soul as well. ...

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Battle Chasers IV 0

This issue comes with a very sad story. This plot is already mentioned in here. I give someone who wrote that plot summary for this issue two thumbs up! The Good: Writing and arts are very wonderful things in my comic universe. Madureira, Sharrieff, and McWeeney are doing a very wonderful teamwork on this issue. The Bad: I dont give a dime what carless people say about this issue. Nothing is definitely wrong. The Verdict: Pick this up and read this!   ...

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Battle Chasers III 0

undefinedBattle Chasers never stop keeping a very good story. The Good: Blessing Joe Madureira's writing, penciling, and cover! And plus Sharrieff's beautiful writing! Tom McWeeney's inks are so wonderful! I would be glad to meet Joe Madureira, Munier Sharrieff, and Tom McWeeney! I want their autographs. Forgive me for being crazy just because I am a huge fan of this wonderful comic--Battle Chasers. The Bad: No matter how they make a little mistake! The Verdict: I suggest you buy it. I am sure y...

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Battle Chasters II 0

I love this! Good: Arts and writings are very good!!!! Bad: nothing! I dont care what they make mistakes! Verdict: I must buy this! This is my treasure. If you want to buy this, you will be lucky to have this treasure that worths a lot for you to read and look at how beautiful artwork and how wonderful story keeps running. ...

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Battlechasers is the best comic ever in the universe! Its beautiful and smooth story. I love this! I miss this! I am really glad to buy this issue seriously! It is uniquely one of a kind of different comic universe! Excuse my exclaims. Gee, I must be crazy about this.  Good: Art. Writing. Both are so wonderful!  Bad: a little bit mistake.  Verdict: For most male, you must buy this. I am not sure if women have a taste in this cuz women might have liked Red Monika not because of sexy woman. She ca...

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Red Ronin 0

Red Ronin is a very important character in the life of Batman. Fabian Nicieza is new to DC universe. Give him some credits. He is trying to connect with DC Universe as he will know all these characters. I am sure he loves this character from his inspiration. He is former writer of Avengers and doing great. You can not criticize one of my best writers. I respect your opinons. I dont give you a dime about what you say bollocks about him. The good: Everything is great! Fabian Nicieza and Freddie...

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Twisted Story 0

The story is actually twisted to another story of timeline. That could happen to the X-Men in the very possible alternative timeline in which could have erased the timeline of 616. Thank Rachel Summers for doing her job to Kate Pryde back to present Kitty Pryde. Can you ever imagine what's like to be Kitty Pryde and can she explain a perfect story to the X-Men? Gee, she convinced X-Men far enough into believing her story. Very good job....

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Red She-Hulk 0

I love this! Red She-Hulk! At first, I m opening jaw awide at what Red She-Hulk is holding two important weapons that belongs to Domino and Elektra. Then I thought Domino and Elektra were dead in this issue. This Red She-Hulk hasn't been revealed who she is yet.    ...

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Iceman and Mystique 0

Art. Writing. Story. Mystique and Iceman relationship is somewhat odd. Iceman is really attaching to Mystique and finds Mystique the attractive woman to him. That is really odd. However, Nova and Aurora are trying to make their mission: to kill Sabretooth!  ...

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Danger Girl 0

Danger Girl cover looks good! Story is interesting. For the first time, the girl who comes to her life and decides to do what she accepts the offer from the operation: Danger Girl.  Good: Arts are awesome! Different methodical art way!  Bad: A little mistake. ...

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Wolverine vs. Rogue 0

Amazingly, Rogue leads the X-Men. How ironic she does not want to take a leadership at this time?! She finally accepts to become a leader when she realizes something and finds the reason. She has to do it. Wolverine and Rogue fights each other to see how Wolverine wants to see if Rogue can do any better fighter. Rogue impressed Wolverine how she could able to find some ways to kill Wolverine with her different methodical ideas. The good: Everything is good.  ...

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Generation X Annual 95 0

The good-hearted teacher Emma Frost shows how she care about students. Penance suffers her own trauma by showing how she deal with her powers and experiences with the mysterious Empath. Cordelia Frost's secret plan is getting Mondo. Gateway's talking to M in some strange ways. MacTaggart scanned Penance and took care of Penance and tried to do her best to reduce Penance's pain. The good: Arts. twisted stories. The bad: The unknown stories of Shinobi Shaw, Cordelia Frost, and Mondo.    ...

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