Do not spoil me any new news about comics please.

I haven't read those issues yet to come. X-Factor, The Uncanny X-Force, All-new X-Men, The X-Treme X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men.

List items

  • Done reading all of them. Shocking endings.

  • Done reading all of them. Ouch... things get worse when you make a choice where you confront the dire consequences would have happened in the future makes it present.

  • Done reading all of them. I m happy for the return of Magik. Necrosha War is not bad story.

  • Done reading all of them. Things get messed up during the Schism and then things kept messing up after the Schism. Most of new young mutant students appear.

  • Done reading all of them. Noooooooo!!! Rogue? Scarlet Witch? Wonder Man? Wolverine?!? OMG!! The newest Horsemen coming. Everything is going chaotic when it comes to Avengers and X-Men in its unity as if that means for them to be worth working altogether.

  • Haven't read that, but I'll check with that.

  • Ugh! Dazzler of 616 goes to the new world and meets all the new alternative versions of the X-Men. I think that's lame-reading story. I ve read all of them.

  • Good start with the team up until Kitty Pryde is believed dead. Then new team up. When Karma's secret life comes out with her unknown family member, she joins the team along with new team line up. Done reading it.

  • Haven't read it yet.

  • Haven't read it yet.

  • Haven't read it yet.