Archangel's flings

Archangel's flings in the progress. I don't know any girls who he dated before. Let me know! 

List items

  • He would not mind dating her in front of everyone in a despite of her age, helping her family with his fortunes, and love her so much. They do not care about the thirty ages apart or so.

  • He and Psylocke seem to have a very good and long relationship lasting until she changed into something that freaked him out. Then he wanted her back. Once again, she died. He can not take it back. After that, he still does love her. Their relationship is getting complicated in the complex way.

  • He and Charlotte Jones used to date for short times. Seemingly, she does not want this because of her son and her work that she can not ignore the most about. This is possibly the reason why she stopped seeing him.

  • Courtney Ross, his own true love in his entire life, broke his heart when he saw her death and learnt of that she got killed by the Hodge. He showed his true color and wanted to avenge Hodge for the death of Courtney Ross. He stopped deciding to do it. He almost proposed her to marry him on his whole plan before Hodge killed her.

  • Jean Grey, Archangel's another true love in his entire life, told him the truth that they are not working out and rather stay friends. He could be more understanding person who accepts that Jean Grey wants that. He really does love her that way he would want her. His love is short-lived after he started loving Courtney Ross.

  • She did something with her powers to Archangel that he never expect that she would do something to him. They already did have a sexual relationship after he started dating Husk.