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Give the New conan a breack.

Ok now this is my first blog so if its a little crap i did my best..so here we go.The new conan movie just came out and it hasent got a lot of good rviews but thats not whats annoying me what is annoying me is that in every reiwew and every comment i read of said review all say that the new conan is crap comperaed to the origenal movie they all say the new one has boring characters to much vilolence and too much sex.Thats whats conan is about.Now i havent seen the new one but i have seen toe old one and peple ceep saying that the orinial is crap and i should whatch it but i have many a time and loved it cause it is vilolence barbarien fun and thats what i like about it and i am sure that i will like the new so if any would be movie reiwers read this dount go into the cinma expeting a movie with a deep story of and an academy award winning musical score go in thinking that you are going in to see a guy with a sword kick ass an slay some monsters.