My Favorite Detective Comics Characters

same as the Marvel one.

This will be under construction in the future. Things change mane

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  • I loved him on TEEN TI-TANs. For me he was the best well rounded of them all. Yes BB was the funniest, Robin kicked the most butt, Raven had the most depth, but Cy had it all. He was funny, kicked butt, and had a lot of depth. Barely remembered how much of a fan I was of his. Thanks to a Poll of Cyborg Vs Static did I tap into my memory bank.

  • Since I 1st saw him I thought he was AWEsome. A luchador baddie(big WWF fan/Lucha Libre BITD.) The more I learned about him the more he grew on me. I was soo happy to find out he was going to be the Main Villain of The Dark Knight Rises. CANT WAIT.... Watched the movie it was Awesome, and his voice was Epic me& my friends made a constant joke about it.

  • I use to love supes, but I like Superboy more now plus on Young Justice I just can't get enough of him.

  • New GL with a GUN, and I like his costume.Booo YAH

  • As a lil Kid I loved MArvel, but from DC I loved Robin and SUpes. Things changed not a Huge fan of Kal-El. To this day though I love Robin, and Tim is my favorite.

  • Bart Allen is my current new favorite character thanks to YJ(the show)

  • i like the GL powers when i was a kid. i still think its cool. I jus loved John on JLUnlimited.

    Shout out to Guy, Kilowog, and Kyle there cool too...

  • Never been a big fan of his, but on YJ his "look" was impressive for me, and his New52 "look" is AWEsome. The more I invest my interest the more I start to become a bigger fan.

  • Hes BAd @$$... he says what i would say in the DC universe