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The paradoxical nature of GEAR FIFTH:

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After awakening Gear Fifth and being in a state of euphoria, Luffy declares that this is the best he can do! He says he can accomplish everything he ever wanted. This reveals a beautiful paradox in the transformation that many people tend to overlook. He claims that Gear Fifth is the ultimate achievement for him, so the transformation and its abilities are his final limit. But the form also gives him the power to break free from the limits of the world's laws and achieve what he desires without any restriction. This implies boundless potential and contradicts the idea of a peak.

The paradox lies in the tension between these two statements. On one hand, the ability is the highest point of achievement, while on the other hand, it opens up infinite possibilities. It’s like standing at the summit of a mountain and realizing that there are no more peaks to conquer, yet the entire world lies at your feet.

A mythical deity [Nika, the sun god ]:

Gear 5th is the ultimate expression of Luffy's fighting power. Gear Second and Gear Third showed his clever use of his rubber body, by increasing his blood flow or enlarging his limbs. Gear Fourth enhanced his rubber body and combined it with Armament Haki. But Gear 5th is different from the previous "Gears" because Luffy does not just optimize his fruit. He awakens its true power. Luffy's Devil Fruit Awakening, inspired by Doflamingo's feat in Dressrosa, enables him to transform his surroundings into rubber. But that is not the extent of his new abilities. And that leads to the next revelation. Luffy's Devil Fruit, which was believed to be the Gomu Gomu no Mi, is actually the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. And Luffy's awakening gives him the power to inherit and transform into the Sun God, Nika, A god that only exists in the One Piece universe.


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gear 5 gives luffy the ability to turn his imagination into reality which means he has the ability to alter reality how ever he sees fit but it doesnt stop there

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as stated above " gear 5 gives him the UNPARALLELED FREEDOM to fight in a way that DEFIES COMMON SENSE.

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the gif above is what one of the lead anime directors had to say was his understanding of gear fifths ability after a meeting with Echiro Oda [author of the series]

if you dont understand yet ..gear 5 as a transformation already grants luffy the ability to not be restricted by common sense & the laws of reality (hence why its stated to be

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