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YNCG's G.I. Joe : Retaliation REVIEW 0

Many fans were extremely disappointed with the first installment of this series G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra., while a select few were fans of the movie. Being 2013, will the newest film in the modern G.I. Joe trilogy be a smash hit, or a clear miss?Plot/StorylineIf you were one of the many who disliked G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra sorely because of the story and how it was executed, viewers will not have a vastly differed opinion about this installment. Without spoiling anything major, th...

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Me and Icarusflies' Rise of the Guardians Review 3

IT'S REVIEWING TIME!!!Plot/StorylineIcarusflies"The movie revolves around the Guardians, a group of holiday figures who protect kids with…um…holidays! It actually makes sense in context, I just don’t want to get into it because it could spoil some stuff. Anyway, the villain, Pitch, is determined to ruin everything. To stop him, the Guardians need to work with Jack Frost, who until then had been a bit of a loner.So basically it’s a ‘WE NEED TO SAVE X, BY STOPPING Y, WITH HELP FROM Z!’ plot. Oh, a...

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Me and k4tzm4n's Wreck-It Ralph Review 2

YourNeighborhoodComicGeek and k4tzm4n present....Wreck-It RalphPlot/Storylinek4tzm4n"Wreck-It Ralph's story is incredibly heartfelt. It's all about the constant struggle to fit in and feel appreciated. The relationship with Vanellope was surprisingly emotional as well. The plot doesn't pull any major twists or turns and is fairly predictably, but it's executed astonishingly well and is quite moving."YourNeighborhoodComicGeek"I actually enjoyed the plot a lot. It was very well developed and extre...

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Great popcorn fun! 0

The GoodIt's a great, fun, and mostly family-friendly content. There is a whole bunch of geek-gasms in this movie, from Hulk fighting Thor, to Thor fighting Iron Man, to Iron Man fighting Captain America, to Captain America's Shield against the Mjolnir hammer, and Black Widow vs. Hawkeye. This is really a great film that sticks to the Avenger's roots. (minus Wasp and Hank Pym) This is a great, action-packed movie. The actors did a really great job in their roles and I really think they deserve a...

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Best Animated Comic Movie EVER.. 0

The GoodEverything. This movie is a perfect example for a perfect comic book movie, even if this was a 2-D animated, direct-to-video film. It is superb. The voice acting is top-notch, the animation is perfect, and the emotion and plot is just magnificent! This really sets the bar for top quality comic book movies, not just for DC, but for Marvel as well. I have yet to see an Animated Comic Book Movie top this one. The ending is extremely emotional, and the entire movie was executed flawlessly.Th...

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Awesome! 0

The GoodIt's a Samurai Jack comic book!!! What's more to like? The art is superb and fantastic, and perfectly captures the atmosphere of the T.V show. The dialogue and character development is top notch and also, like the art, captures the atmosphere of the show. It follows the first few episodes, and each panel is beautiful, and you can't even tell the difference. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually just took pictures, frame by frame of the television show, then photo-shopped dialogu...

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Good, but not great. 0

The GoodWell, of course the good is the great deal! You get 80 pages of Flash awesomeness, plus guest appearances from other DC Speedsters. The stories overall are pretty good, and the art is decent for artists having to draw this much. There are a bunch of stories, and although the quality is a bit knocked down, it is 80 pages.The BadAgain, like I said, the quality is notched down a bit for quantity. Also, the art feels a bit rushed at times, and lacking details and/or simply not looking well e...

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Superb comic conclusion! 1

The GoodEverything. The art is fantastic, and Fred Van Lente did a magnificent job thinking out this story and the art. This is a wonderful view at an expanded Halo universe, and stays true to every aspect of Bungie's brainchild. The character development is great, and the ending is perfection! Love the story, art, characters, and the action! I also like how the Elites also have character development, not just the Spartans and the AI. A shame both of the Elite Brothers *SPOILER AHEAD* died.The B...

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Awesome start! 0

The GoodAlthough I feel the action is a bit rushed, it's still awesome. The beginning is really good, and I like how Deadshot kind of reveals his personality/past more, unlike other comics which make him a random paid mercenary. He actually talks about giving discounts to the father for losing his son. Also, the art is great, except for one aspect (I'll get to that later). Onomatopoeia is great in this story for such an underrated character, and I love how he rejected Joker's request to kill the...

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Tis' but a twist!!! 0

The GoodLet's start off with the art. I absolutely LOVE the art. Kudos to Francis Manapul for his magnificent work. I really like the style. As for Geoff Johns, he won the Spike TV Scream Award for best Comic Book Writer, so that explains itself. As for the plot, I'm liking it. I love how they don't start off rushing everything. They take it slow (but Barry Allen was fast!!!) and actually develop the plot, and Mirror Master arriving in the streets dead like that was shocking, as well as the fact...

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Hulk at his best!!! 0

The GoodI love how they really made Hulk have more emotions, and fleshed him out more, instead of him being a mindless beast who randomly decides to wreck havoc among his teammates. Hulk is out for revenge, and nobody is stopping him, as shown in his epic battle with Black Bolt (in which he won). You see a more emotional side to Hulk in this comic, and you see how he is fleshed out as an actual character, not as a plot device used to bring other heroes together to stop one powerful menace. When ...

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