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Top 5 Non-Marvel/DC Characers

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  • The Mean, Green, Ass-Kicking Machines! You know shizz is about to go down when these four come in. These guys were a major part of my childhood and are highly skilled, pizza chomping turtle ninjas. What's not to like? Seriously!!!

  • Really underrated character from Image comics. Awesome story, badass art, and lots of bloody action. This guy is the best Werewolf I've ever seen.

  • He's Optimus Prime! A giant shape-shifting leader of robots determined to protect the Earth! He's the best truck ever in the history of trucks! Period! Also, who doesn't dig his awesome robotic voice? It's almost as cool as Darth Vader's!

  • Speaking of Darth Vader, how could I forget this sword-swinging badass? His uber suit and saber is almost as cool as his voice and ruthless use of the Force. He has also trained Galen Marek, and is one heck of a character to play in the several Star Wars video games.

  • The original Blue speedster Hedgehog!!! With his hit-and-miss humor and spectacular speed, no wonder he has such awesome comic books and video games. Although he is more known as a Video Game icon, I also view him as a Comic Book icon with his awesome classics.