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Top 5 Heroes in Marvel

Anti-Heroes included

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  • The best character ever. He's funny, breaks the fourth wall, makes hilarious jokes, and more! What more do you want from a character??? I spam this guy as a character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 like crazy! Pineapple suprise!

  • Potentially the most strongest character in the Marvel Universe. One of the most popular Marvel Behemoths, and one of the best modern comics as of the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk saga. Bravo Hulk, bravo!

  • The Sentinel of Liberty! The American Patriot! Whatever you call this broseph, he is the most American hero ever! A supersoldier powered by a super serum, this guy is so uberly skilled and has an awesome Vibranium shield! His story is epic, and he can fend himself against the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and more!

  • One of the most popular mutants ever, and a part of Professor X's a-list pupils. With a dark, and epic past that he can't remember from amnesia, this dude is probably one of the most epic characters ever. But if you are asked what power to get, don't say Wolverine claws without getting the healing factor first.

  • Come on! My name is based on his old motto! Well I forgot the friendly but hey, I was close. This web - slinging superhero has a humor that rivals that of Deadpool's! Sadly though, he doesn't break the fourth wall. A great hero, who's reputation went down after those awful Spider-Man movies. Ugh..