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Top 5 Heroes in DC

Anti-Heroes included

List items

  • Rorschach, the badass in Watchmen. This guy was a cop-beating, improvising, tactical, and deadly detective crime-fighting anti-hero that shook the comic industry with his shocking death. Rorschach was easily the best character in Watchmen who stuck to his goals and views until death, and when you think about it, the right-winged newspaper would carry on his legacy after his death and score into that goal.

  • Wally West, the product of Barry Allen. (no, not like that) He is the fastest Flash, and is easily the best at what he does. His funny personality and witty humor add to his super-speed and adds up the one of the best DC superheroes in existence to date.

  • Batman, the Caped Crusader. The ultimate detective, the ultimate prep master, and one of the best hand to hand fighters in DC. This bat-based sleuth has inspired many other heroes with his dark past and trained many sidekicks, including Damian Wade, Jason Todd, Red Robin, Nightwing, and more.

  • Hal Jordan, the single best Green Lantern in the entire corp, and arguably the best Green Lantern ever. Hal and his willpower has brought him far in the DC universe, and is in the DC Universe's A list Superheroes.

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Now it is an epic superhero who is sadly overhyped and has way to many fanboys! Superman, one of the first superheroes ever, and one of the best. However, this heroes' fanboys are to large in numbers and usually cloud their judgement in debates, leading him to be only at #5 in this list.