Top 5 Deaths in Comics

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  • Rorschach's death left me in shock and awe for hours. Possibly the most epic death in comic history. EVER. Everyone who's a Watchmen fan will never forget Rorschach's face when he says "DO IT." The movie adaptation is perfect, if not better than the comic's. This showed how Rorschach was so determined, even in armageddon and facing death in the face.

  • Everyone knows that people die in Superhero origins, but this one was without a doubt the most shocking one. I mean UNCLE BEN! Who would've thought? This death had a major impact and shaped Spider-Man into who he is, and inspiring the great quote : "With great power comes great responsibility."

  • Barry Allen was one of the best Flashes ever. His heroic death was incredibly epic, and his death gave us the awesome Wally West. Without Barry, the fastest speedster would have never existed.

  • A very unpopular death, but a very memorable one. Kraven's suicide showed how not only Superheroes, but also Supervillains could crack under pressure, stress, and depression, ultimately leading to the most unlikely Supervillain death : suicide.

  • Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead was the last person you thought would die. I mean in the Zombieverse, babies and their mother/father never EVER die. But Walking Dead was different and showed how anybody could die in a real apocalypse.