I remember in the old days...

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When I was a wee little girl my mother would buy me a comic book every Friday. They were cheap back then and she bought me one when she did the weekend grocery shopping in the small mall with the big supermarket at the magazine stand. Well that's how I remember it anyway. Most comics changed once every four weeks or so so I got a variety of comics like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Spiderwoman and the Donald Duck (yes I know) and some random stuff I didn't really follow. They were all translated in my native language by JuniorPress BV but that didn't bother me back then as much as it does now. It was definitely better than what my grandma did. She got us (me and my nieces) a membership to 'Tina' magazine which seemed to be more for children (read: young girls) who liked or had horses. Still to this day I have no idea why she got us that membership because none of us liked horses.

My mother seemed to know exactly what I liked. I distinctly remember collecting Knight Rider and The A-Team cards in a Panini type booklet. They came in packets of five cards and sometimes they were consecutive numbers still stuck together (not totally random as Magic: The Gathering cards these days). Too bad I have no idea where they are, they might actually be worth something now (yes, that's how long ago it was). Probably ended up in the trash.

Perhaps now I'm rekindling my youth or perhaps I've finally found the passion that started every Friday afternoon such a long time ago. I'm hoping for the lather and will let you know trough this blog how my journey into the new unknown goes.

If you have a story of how you got into comics I'd love to hear it.