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Take a Bow Christopher Nolan, Well Done! (Spoilers!!) 0

The Dark Knight Rises.I have to say it's an AMAZING film. I was dazed when I left the movie theater close to 3 hours later. Did not drag at all. It was an amazing story. The greatness of this film is the story and the characters.I loved Tom Hardy as Bane. I can feel his presence in the movie and it was intimidating. You can feel the evil by his presence, his eyes and his voice. People complain about his voice being "too loud" or whatever but I think that was the point. They didn't want Bane to b...

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The Greatest Superman Story Ever Told 0

I've always really liked Superman but I wouldn't say I was a fan. I know him mostly from the Justice League shows, Superman: The Animated Series and the DC Animated movies (which are all great!) and I've always thought he was one of the greatest superheroes ever created. The fact that the most powerful being in the world, alone in our planet, still chooses to help out humanity which in most cases, people with that much power would have just gotten "power-hungry". That's just one of the things th...

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