Blackest Night

I'm not much of a comic book reader. Most of the time I wait until it comes out in graphic novel form. But with the new 52 coming out from DC, I'm going to give comic book reading a shot. 
Blackest Night interested me from the moment I heard about but like always, I decided to wait until it came out as graphic novels.
I went to the bookstore the other day & I saw quite a few Blackest Night graphic novels. 
And, well, my question is does anyone know which book I have to read first? 
Does anyone know which book I have to start with & the order I have to read them in? 
There's no numbers or anything to indicate which one is #1, #2, and so on.
So, if u know please help me out.
Thank u.


Batman's Top Ten Moments

Well, for my Film class, my professor asked us to make a montage of ten images. (by the way, a montage is when you put together different images of the same subject.)
Whatever we wanted & he wanted them from magazines or from the internet. 
So I decided to make a montage of Batman's top ten moments...well in my book.   
Many might disagree but I think these moments are unforgettable and well..changed the Dark Knight forever.
It was hard for me to decide which moments were his most memorable. And I had to cut some out, like when the Joker crippled Barbara Gordon or when the 1st Robin appeared.  

  1. Some moments are like, "Duh, of course it's going to be there!" But even so, they must be included.

  2. So I picked: 
    1.  The death of his parents.
  3. 2. When Bane broke the Bat.
  4. 3. Batman joins the Justice League.
  5. 4. The death of Jason Todd.
  6. 5. Batman & Superman discover eachother's identities (by accident)
  7. 6. Batman has a son.
  8. 7. The creation of the Joker (dramatic affect)
  9. 8. His death.
  10. 9. His return.
  11. 10. Finally, of course, his 1st appearance on Detective Comics.
  13. So that is my list so, during my lunch break, I am going to print out the images & buy the poster board & put it together.
  14. To me, these are his top ten moments & some moments are just worth metioning, like the whole Batman & Superman thing, I believe that is the best partnership like Andy Griffen & Barney...probably even better.
  15. I'm a Justice League fan so I had to put that in there, it's one of those "worth metioning" things.
    So...that's my list!
  16. Please, if you have an opinion, let me hear it.        

My first Blog.

Well this is my very 1st blog ever....& i mean EVER.  
So let me start off with a very simple topic, Wonder Woman's new outfit. 

I just saw Wonder Woman's new outfit & i've got to say that i like it. It's new & fresh, & honestly, i'm just sick of the whole underwear & corset outfit. 
The strangest thing is that I hate change, i fear change so it's very odd for me to like this outfit & i'm totally okay with them changing her look.  
To me, change is never good & i've had bad experiences with change so i'm alittle weirded out that i'm okay with this new look. They have changed Batman's outfit but it was never a drastic t  change. Green Lantern is the only one (I think) who they have changed around his outfit, but then again it was for every different Green Lantern. 
it's hard for me to come up with a reason why i'm okay with this change. 

Another thing, I would've liked to see what other outfits were they thinking of...  
So yeah, again, my 1st Blog, so i apoligize in advance. 
But i welcome comments. Please comment.