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Great world, great story some fresh ideas 0

Preface:Thanks to Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda for taking so much love and care on creating this world and the amazing art. We read this as part of our Graphic Novel Book Club and it was unanimously appreciated, it was also somewhat controversial, which is always fun.Story:The book focuses on a girl Maika and her quest to figure out what is the nature of a monster she carries inside. That's as short a summary I can give without spoiling and allowing you to discover this world the same way I did....

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Green Lantern Corps 48: The new Honor Guard! 0

The Story   We see some Brightest Day stuff, but nothing you could not see on other books, most of the story goes around Ganthlet becoming a Lantern and a subplot with some other "lanterns" popping up. And these blue guys down here seem to be a little bit more understanding since the punch in the face they received last month.The Guardians, those little big headed old blue guys.   The Good  We see the forging of a Battery and a ring, which may or may not imply stuff but it is good to see it ...

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Green Lantern 54: The City of Great Rage 0

The Story  This issue seems a lot more centered on Earth and what is happening around Hal. It is going somewhere, and that somewhere is obviously related to Brightest Day.  Rage! The Good  We get to see a little more info on the mysterious being capturing the Entities (even though I have a good idea who that might be) and a little more info on the entities, their names (Finally! - look at the emotional embodiments article for the spoiler). Atrocitus seems to be going to play a big role, and prob...

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Review: Detective Comics #864 0

The story  The story in this issue is a lot better than in the previous numbers, it deals with some parts of the origin of Jeremiah Arkham and Black Mask. We get to see a guest appearance of a character in direct continuity with another bat-tittle.   Jester, I love it XD   The Good   The cover, love it, there is not much to it to the story but there is something in the cover I loved.We get to see some kind of "origin" to Jeremiah's Black Mask identity and some pieces of the puzzle are placed...

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