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Weapon F4

ray's awesome comic idea: Weapon X takes on Fantastic Four 

Imagine a stealth killing machine like Sue Storm. She has been underestimated a lot of times but she is and will be for a long time one of the deadliest in the FF. She has al this knowledge of living beings and can easily end a life with a tiny forcefield exploding. Then imagine the havok the Thing can bring to the battlefield when not restricted to leave the target alive. Human Torch is no different, he can burn people alive or have solo missions and just go supernova on the facility or base of operations of the target. And for last, the supermind Reed Richards, he can be the genius field leader of the Weapon F4 program. 
 This can be a storyline for Ultimate Universe ( I like the FF more on the Ultimateverse, and they are younger) similar to that the Ultimate X-men had on their second arc. But it seems to farfetched with weapon X disbanned a long time ago and only some ex-soldiers remaining, but Fury never seems stop impressing us with things he is cooking up. 
Again, this is just a random thought that could someday find its way.

Wolverine should lead big time

I just started reading Astonishing X-men 34 and found a lot of truth in wolverine's words. 
He is and will be the longest, most experienced and possibly most lethal X-men. He mentions he should not be treated as a kid.  
Bottomline, he should lead the X-men, not just X-Force, or if not lead, he should be field leader or something on some big team like Avengers. He can't stay as a soldier for those teams forever.  
Problem comes with sales, Marvel is placing wolverine in every possible team they can. He can't be the leader of the X-men because he has duties with other teams. Wolverine should probably do something about this because he is not destined to be a soldier forever. 
Imagine wolverine being in a high place taking big decisions kind of like Fury or Cage or what Rogers is starting.  
Again just a thought, back to my comic.


Batman batsuit wardrobe scene

An idea of a scene of Bruce Wayne back on our time in the Batcave looking at a collection of different batsuits, very much like tony stark with the armors, crossed my mind. 
Batman has had several batsuit designs as with batmobiles and different bat devices and it is known that he keeps some previous batmobiles in the cave, why wouldn't he have the previous batsuits there? He cannot toss them just anywhere. 
I would really like a scene like that once Bruce is back.

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Hacker attacks!

ray´s geekish comic idea: Hacker supervillian! 
 Wait!! Hear me out before you stop reading! 
I know a lot of people out there on the major comicverses know how to hack, and seems to be something that they put as an easy thing for some techies on comics. But what if all of a sudden a villains knew exactly how to stop their heroes, even some of the identities. And things kind of got messy for a while until some detective that has been overlooked, some medium or minor character realizes that villains are outsourcing information. 
So superheroes rely on their intelligent techie guys to find this hacker or information guy. Turns out the guy once worked for one of the tech companies or maybe several and planted what he needed to do his job. 
 Some examples of my idea would be a guy that worked for Wayne Enterprises, then went to Lexcorp and so on until he had the info he wanted and the tools he needed. On the other company might have been a guy working for Stark Industries and when Dark Reign came he started working for Oscorp and now he is unemployed but has access to all the info H.A.M.M.E.R. had.  
 Again this are just spontaneous ideas I like to think of.  
Enjoy your day guys.

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Supervillians no more

ray's awesome comic idea: Supervillians no more. 
One nobody or a character who just had a breakdown (like Green Arrow) tries to be the ultimate hero by taking all the resposability the rest of the other heroes won't, killing all the villians once and for all (that may be to extreme, so maybe not killing). So in a big changing event manages to destroy the evil superpowered guys, kind of like decimation but for supervillians. The event can finish in the idea that something more happened, that the evil guys were not destroyed but sent somewhere else which could be a big event on their comeback or a small event dealing with the comebacks and stuff.
Having a time were superpowered villians  are not around can also help writers prepare more stuff with character history and have characters spend time with the loved ones and with their secret identities which I would imagine is difficult for them to keep because of all the series of major story lines happening all to gether. It can even give time for some detectivish or twisted plots and time for the plot I posted on my previous post. 
Wow I think I am comming up with something here XD

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All so Wonderful Wonder Woman or not?

I love the fact that Superman has a big story going on, that Batman is missing in time and the whole bat family titles are with identity issues, Green Lantern major events happening I love it, Flash having his rebirth and new series. But what is happening with Wonder Woman? What is she doing? 
I just heard something about Paradise Island being destroyed(or about to be don't know), cool, something happening but is it going to affect someone else? I hope it will. We need Wonder Woman back on the picture. 
Ray's Comic Idea: Big story arc for Wonder Woman, gods and stuff attacking all heroes, please give her a major even t.  
I am not following Wonder Woman, but to be honest, it is not one of the big titles on sales either. 
So if any comic book creator is reading and if I can help with an idea, make a major event focused on amazons, their gods and happening everywhere. As far as my experience Wonder Woman's gods only attack Wonder Woman related people or teams, aren't gods like gods of everywhere? 
Put the gods on books where they have never appeared, put some amazons on other titles, just for the duration of the event. Let the readers of other titles get to know and possibly like Wonder Woman related characters 
Just a thought, please do not take it the bad way. 

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First there was Wade and then there was a Pool and a Dead guy

Wait what?! that is not how it goes. 
Oh yeah... I remember I am supposed to talk about stuff by me and comics. 
Ok... here we go you guys! Tell me if it looks fine. 
We will. 
My first big comic moment came with my purchase of Knightfall TPB vol. 1 To me that story is one of the best for new fans and tenured ones. It does a significant change for the Dark Knight and you are able to see most, if not all, of the famous gallery of rogues batman has. But there was a problem I only had volume 1 and I did not know where to purchase comics, I was about 10 years old at the moment, so every day starting the day the comic book said the next number would be released I went to the same store I bought the comic, it was about 6 or 7 blocks from my house. Eventually a week after the release it came, finally Knightfall would be mine. Volume 2 was even better, things happened that I would've never thought of. And then... the tragic end. Batman was left beaten with his back broken.  
Knightfall V1 cover
Knightfall V1 cover
Hey I did like it 
Shut up voices, I am trying to write something readable here. 
So much for the feedback you asked.. 
 Time passed and I was able to randomly get my hands on comic books, stuff from Green Lantern, JLA random arcs and some other cool stuff. But I had never really finished reading what happened to Batman after last I had met him. I knew everything came ok because he was shown on the other titles but what had happened? 
 Everything changed when I visited a cousin a couple of years later. I remember there was all this Dragonball Z craziness everywhere and he was showing me his latest game when I spotted them, Knightquest and Knightsend. The same type of TPB I had. I remember I stopped paying attention to my cousin's babbling and went straight for the comics and read them from start to end. I even think I read them more than twice before heading back to my hometown. I was a happy kid, I finally knew what had happened. And I realized I was not an eventual comic fan, I was a real fan.                          
 When I came back I already knew I could find comics on some local stores, but nothing really resembled a comic store. So I grouped with some friends I had, one which was from out of town, we converted his living room in a reunion place for comic-games and similar fans. It was the first comic gathering place for my city, and it became highly popular until the point when I left for studies and the place outgrew our initial idea and the guys rented a business local one block away from its original place. 
Tell them about the future, we cans see it! 
Plan is, when going back after this last year on school to get some cash by working and open the first formal establishment with fresh comics every week and a little extra stuff. 
I liked it.
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