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For centuries the Priest in Yellow had presided over the temple. For decades at a time, motionless, silent. But recently it had been all clamor and rush. The Great Old Ones needed things, the Yellow Priest had to aid. But at least he got to work with Hastur. They were two-of-a-kind, eldritch and indescribable. Hastur had come here a week ago. It wanted Yellow Priest to help equip a chamber for a special purpose. Yellow Priest had dusted off its flute, with which it communicated. With a few haunting notes its meaning was clear. Hastur nodded, and touched a brick in the wall. A panel swung open. The room was dark and musty, having not been used for two hundred years at least. "Thank you, its perfect" Hastur said. For the last two days it had been outfitting the room with all manner of torture devices. And a painting. The Yellow Priest was curious, but said nothing. It was not in its nature. Its job was to monitor the cosmos, no more no less. 
And a few moments ago a pale, pale man in a cloak had dragged a struggling girl into the dark room. Ah, this must be Mortality and Persephone Gray. The Great Old Ones had been very interested in them recently. They were the keys to something or other, but it mattered little to the Yellow Priest. The cosmos would go on....but what if that darkness was lessened? The Priest would not be able to bear it. So this Mortality must be left to his devices, he could not be interrupted. Nyarlathotep was watching over him now, but the Priest wanted to make sure... 
Even as it came to its decision, several humans ran up. The Yellow Priest felt a presence in its mind, which quickly withdrew. A scream. Yes, the darkness needed to be saved. Slowly, the Yellow Priest rose. Cobwebs fell from its robe. It had been so many years before it had acted upon events. The yellow cloth mask that shielded its face swayed slightly. It raised its flute, and played a tune. There were no words, but the meaning was clear: Retreat or die.