✿The San'Vun Syndicate✿

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Originally birthed as an ultra-nationalist group with an enigmatic longing for stricter Pan-Asianist ideology, and a more exclusive promotion of Asian values while rejecting the Western imperial ideals of the time, the then, 'Koyōsha cabal,' were original founded by an exiled Shinobi and then, Patriarch of the San'Vun clan, Yyu San'Vun. He also held small but considerable mineral rights. Holding a vested interest in the return of Feudal Japanese order; special and elevated privileges for other outlawed Ninja who's land had been stripped away and reallocated to more 'noble' Samurai classes. But eventually they too were exiled or forced out of service leading to numerous unsuccessful uprisings. It was here that Yyu would stir the organization in a new direction. On the surface, adopting a more politically savvy structure aimed towards the formation of a national parliament.

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However its covert agenda was the continued aggression and call for the complete military conquest of Asia. It was during this time in which numerous members of the San'Vun family began to participate in the group's internal reconstruction. Systemically subverting the council's more streamlined mission statements and influencing a more proactive approach towards Japanese military expansion and conquest of the Asian continent.

Organized crime was a natural fit and a partnership between the two was a forgone conclusion. And thus a secret monetary marriage between the suit & sword came to pass. Using brutal guerrilla tactics they began to attract the more hard-line and disenfranchised. Now under the majority leadership of the San'Vuns, the secret sect began to use various guises and assumed names. Recruiting and further filling out their councilmen with the dissidents of not only their own bloodline, but those of the countries Ninja class as well. Of whom much of the country believed to be extinct. When in truth many had taken to the mountains under the secret protection of off-brand and distant relations of the San'Vuns.

Unleashing organized violence and assassinations as a warning to their opposition, the Dark Ocean Society were quickly labeled as a terrorist organization. And after WW2, the Society was disbanded by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers during its occupation of Japan. Yet several prominent members simply bled into other social economic, manufacturing, and transportation based institutions throughout Japan. Forming an Illuminati bonded by blood and unbreakable by steel.


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After generation upon generation, it has now fallen to the custodial stewardship of the Voice Unheard, Yazhun San'Vun. Though a mere shadow of its former renown thanks to the unrelenting grip on the country by the Yazkua, daring measures taken by the San'Vun Shadoking have begun a secret war against those who would deny him his family's birthright. Slowly but surely the San'Vun Syndicate has begun to breathe fire once more. Quickly rising to the top of Tokyo's main markets through strategic stock participation, Cartel agreements, manipulation and blackmail. Seeking to control the country's economy through systematic ownership of not only concentrated wealth, but through an iron grip on Tokyo's basic industries with deeply placed agents of espionage and captains of cooperate corruption.



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Gin-X acts as a financial intermediary for the Nihonto Khan and is overseen by the Executive Liaison, as is the San'Vun family fortune. This Federal Holding Company is responsible for spreading the creation of illegal credit across a global financial system. However, operating as a dark-banking system, its members are not subject to regulatory oversight. This model also refers to unregulated activities by other authorized regulated institutions.

Examples of intermediaries not subject to regulation include hedge funds, unlisted derivatives and other unlisted instruments, while examples of unregulated activities by regulated institutions include credit default swaps. This may also be used to describe a simple transaction between two individuals, such as one party agreeing to purchase an asset without the burden of standard methods. Or a black market can be international in size.

For instance, in premium-finance, there are routine discussions of global power brokers amalgamating the global financial wealth and power. All with implicit or explicit knowledge of public market regulators.With no known physical location, it has been theorized that Gin-X operates in the digital realm of cyber anonymity. Perhaps little more then a collection of server-farms studiously under the safe-guard of hired hackers and keyboard ronins.

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One of the San'Vun Syndicate's most enigmatic monetary mysteries is their use of 24kt gold coins. All through Tokyo these exclusively minted currency open the doors to an underground kingdom of illicit criminal emporiums. A world onto themselves, there is no place these coins do not reach. No dump, dive, high or lowborn establishment in which they do not open a back room. Where a 5 star restaurant opens up to become a Konite dispensary. Where a Mazda dealership unfolds to become a black market vendor for modified military vehicles. They are an ultimate key. Unlocking the doors to a World so very view even know exists.



Secret Subsidiary

Once upon a time the KS Corp signified a commitment to the advancement of technology, science, and evolution. It was reborn as the KS-corpin hopes of making significant strides towards a re-imagining of the company. And though the journey had been long, the notorious Bionic Bushido rebuilt the unique sense of diversity and sustainable success of his family's name. Manufacturing a versatile new line of state of the art electronics and leading edge products for the general consumer. As well as tapping into the digitized extreme level athlete craze of the modern millennial era.

All while secretly operating a small international black market site in the untracable depths of the Dark Web. Supplying the underground cyberpunk mutants and street samurai who religiously upgrade their current outdated suits while dreaming of the chance to mod one of the company's design tier editions. As they engage in nightly covert skirmishes and hacks in an effort to gain an inconsequential portion of potential cash and street notoriety.

Thanks to the innovative genius of the self-proclaimed Omega Man, the KS-corp's make over was a shining testament of modernization. Its financial recovering owed entirely to the displayed development of the state of the art metallic compound known as Aethrium. Key component in the stylized catalog of recently fabricated exoskeletons and form fitting digital under-armors heavily advertised as state of the art under-armour sport suits. The latest cutting edge design with the trademark KS logo.

'Digital Under-Armour' concept design (2001)
'Digital Under-Armour' concept design (2001)

Planting a firm foothold on the beachhead of extreme sports and combat based consumerism. Marketed as a militarized memory metal with transforming properties and a durability level reputed to be above the levels of even Black Vibranium. Though the research thus far had been inconclusive. Never the less, that had not detoured its popularized counter cultural appeal, regarded as techno-chic, or Tokyo underground.

However, the Chinese Iron Ronin harbors a nefarious and impenetrable secret. Himself a silent seditionist in league with the radical mutant renegaded. Once above suspicion, the Yoshi Senju had secretly shared his influence and resources with others.

On the surface the corporation operated as a day to day business like any other ultra-conglomerate . Filled with 9 to 5 employees, scientists, secretaries, cyber-security, and technicians, guards. Most if not all completely unaware of the Chinese Capitalist's shadowy agenda.

But when the CEO unexpectedly disappeared without a trace, the company closed ranks and suffered not only in its public perception, but in its ability to sustain any level of capitalistic edge. Thus, the KS-Corp went bankrupt.

Unknown to many. It was quietly swallowed up be a group of investors representing the San'Vun Syndicate. Allowing the Yakuza based clan access to all its manufacturing secrets, tools, materials, and potential capital. Yet its true value to the Syndicate's leader, Yazhun San'Vun, was its nanite based technology and NeoSin Suits. Of which he now exclusively owns.

Products: ExoSkeletons, NEO-SINS tech suits
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Originally introduced as a bulky exoskeletal means of supplementing industrial labor by the techno-cabal formerly known as , Kaiba-Senju; labor based operations that required the maximization of manual output, its basic yet technological utility soon had many hardhat wearing operations making the switch from the less efficient industrial vehicles of old, to the more agile and productive exoskeletal suits of tomorrow. Continuing to evolve over time until no longer recognizable from its antiquated predecessor. During the innovative years of 'Kaiba-Senju Corp however,' the cyber-conglomeration was plagued by constant infiltration and sabotage, by then, unknown entities(the Wildcardz).

Their cut-throat corporate competitors and pera-military insurgencies, first hacking, then leaking, many of their top-sercret designs on cutting edge composite suits. Even stealing several psychical Carbolithium-Class prototypes meant for local law-enforcement as part of a new digital era research trial.

It didnt take long for those designs to illegally fall into the hands of the hyper-athletic sub-culture of teenage-techno millennials and urban ronin's in Tokyo, as well as other counter-cultural subsets throughout Asia.

The Exo'Xtreme
The Exo'Xtreme

Quickly becoming one of the most-have and sought after items on the Dark-Web by extreme athletes, as well as top tier mercenary groups who's special talents were dramatically increased by the employment of the blackmarket suit. The augmentation of physical proficiency and customizations. Eventually sculpted and streamlined into a more form-fitting sheath of segmented aerodynamic protection.

With production stopped long ago the catalog of Neo-Sins stops at the 32nd Mark. Each suit biodigitally generates superior kinetic force, in turn triggering fully optimized reactionary speed and enhanced physical attributes. Thanks to its state of the art NeuroNet, the N'Sin translates external stimuli in stylish chorus with its user's accelerated speed.

Through leading-edge modifications, each NeoSin represents the exclusive individuality of its owner. No two are alike.Themselves a trademark expression of identification. With better and unique mods garnering higher degrees of street-cred.

Though varied, current baseline suits employ some of the following Mods and Compensaters
  • Yx sport Grip Feet
  • Quickflip tactical wrist grapnels (high tinsel strength Aethrium wire)
  • Facial Seaths with digital rangfinder; internal cyclonic HUD
  • Ion K12 Aethrium Katana (horizontal or vertical back mount optional)
  • Lightbending Camoflage
  • Reflex boosters
  • Strength Enhancers (tiers vary by design)

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Currently In Storage (location unknown)

Conceived and designed by the collective genius of Sage 'Fraga' Manusco and Yoshi Senju, and built with the resources of the Kaiba-Senju Corporation, the Aethrium Argonauts were a series of large piloted robots capable of transforming into electronic machinery and primarily vehicles.

The core component of the Argonauts is that which is responsible for their unique ability of physical transformation. The component is a mixture of Nanite based Memory Metal; a revolutionary combination of highly advanced nanotechnology, femtotechnology (the manipulation of excited energy states in atomic nuclei) and Aethrium. While used as a means of strengthening and bolstering the durability and energy-absorbing capabilities of the Argonauts, Aethrium's primary role was another.

Fundamentally, it's role in the construction of the Argonauts is to account for nanotechnology's vulnerability to heat through the use of it's extraordinary energy-absorption mechanisms. Though it's key quality is absorbing energy and releasing it in a controlled manner, Aethrium's many properties render it the perfect material for the Argonaut Series.

With properties made possible by it's one-of-a-kind ability to store energy in it's bonds and release it when needed, Aethrium is a lightweight and near-perfect battery material. Principally, it absorbs kinetic energy, and because of this the Aethrium Argonauts can perfectly deflect bullets without so much as a nudge from their momentum.

Concept creator - Me

Written by - Impero