How many of you exercise on a daily basis, whether it is at home or in a gym ?
Just a thread to share knowledge and tips on keeping fit .


Comics on your Ipod/Iphone ?

I was just wondering how many of you guys have comics on you Ipod touch or Iphones ?
I recently got terminator and G.I joe and do you you think its better and cheaper to get comics  from itunes or just to go out and buy some ?
It is pretty handy to read a comic on the subway or a bus etc ........
Well itunes doesn't have too many comics yet but if they expanded their inventory would you buy comics from there at a cheaper price ?


PS3 PSN ids

Well im pretty sure that at least a few of you guys have got ps3's so if you have one and want to play me online you can pm me with your id so i can add you or you could just ask me to give your my id so you can ad me . Or if you want to you could post yout ids on this thread , but that is entirely up to you .

Here are my games for online play .
Killzone 2
Resident evil 5
Grand Theft Auto
Resistance 2
Burnout Paradise
Need For Speed Prostreet
Gran Turismo Prologue
Or PS Home if thats your thing .

Well thats it and hope i can have some new friend requests .

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PWNED , OWNED ETC .........

This is somwhere where you nice people may post pictures of people or events that can only be described with words such as PWNED , OWNED or even WTF PWNED .
ill start .

Please enjoy : D