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All Elfquest

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  • Ember is the Gemini inheritor of the legacy of her father "Blood of Ten Chiefs". She clashes with him in this episode.

  • the Hoan G'Tay sho become a dominant culture in the faraway jungle land of Abode

  • Timmorn Yellow eyes

  • this is the most improbable of all the elfQuest series. How does a small band of wolfriders defeat an entire army who have been equipped with Two-Edge's special technology?

  • Cutter's dagger of destiny, created by Two-Edge. It holds the secret Key to his armory, which was necessary for Picknose and Cutter to form an elf-troll alliance. It was an heirloom of Bearclaw.

  • Grey Extraterrestrials who descended to "the world of two moons". They know the secret of Time Travel, are immortal but can be killed, and exist in a familial unity of all elves and grey ET.

  • The treasure-lusting Troll who wants to steal Moonblade from Cutter and become the richest Troll of Abode. He forms an alliance with the Wolfrider-Go-Backs and becomes the Troll King.

  • Sun-Top is the chosen link of destiny between the elves and the high ones. He seeks out Winnowill's secrets, disrupts Rayek's pride, and studies until he has mastered all that Savah can bestow.

  • Destined Heir of the Wolfriders "Blood of Eleven Chiefs". She was born assertive, settled the dispute between Strongbow and Lord Voll, and eventually was subdued by a challenge from Scouter to become chief.

  • Teir is the most solitudinous character of elfquest. He has no interest in the Palace; his gift is the total bond with animals. He is the one elf who completely belongs with the World of Two Moons.

  • shen shen is the midwife of the Sun Villagers. Her style of dress comes from ancient Ceylon. She is sisters with Leetah.

  • also known as "sorrow's end". Sun Village is shaped like a womb, or an Omega, and it represents the place where Tam was discovered by his recognised soul-mate, Leetah

  • the spirit of being the child of the high ones is what compells them. Two Spear abandoned his beastial nature in order to find the total remembrance of his roots. It is an heirloom that was passed on to Kahvi.

  • Kahvi is the mother of Vaya and Venka. She has relations with Cutter, Rayek, Tyldak, and perhaps many other elves. she is a kinetic and chaotic chieftess of the Go-Back children

  • Venka is a child born to the Go-Backs, daughter of Rayek, who however was raised as a Wolfrider. she does not hate but experiences the direct impact of all the sins of the elves.

  • Vaya proved her bravery to pike. she is a Go-Back who died in the war for the Palace against Guttlecraw's ice-trolls

  • Pike is a Valiant warrior and lover of dreamberries. he helps adopt Go-Back children Skot & Krim, and is responsible for fostering tribal unity amongst the wolfriders

  • valiant warrior, adopted by pike. threeway lovers with pike and krim. died in the battle against Two-Edge and Grohmul Djun in Shards

  • threeway lovers of pike and krim.

  • most benevolent of the sun villagers. endowed with force shield. defender, protector.

  • fertile, wolfrider who became sun villager

  • fertile, wolfrider who became sun vilalger

  • son of woodlock and rainsong, lover of ember, healer

  • The Human Tribe who eventually becomes an advanced civilization on the elfQuest world of Adobe.

  • symbol maker of the Hoan G'Tay Sho, wife of Adar. nurse.

  • Husband of Nonna

  • Friendly Chieftain, a giant compared to cutter kinseeker who leads the wolfrider chief with Skywise to the Valley of Endless Sleep